Infant Care

Each infant's daily schedule is recorded on a classroom chart, as well as on a small note for parent's review. On our charts the following information is recorded: what the infant has eaten, length of naps, and numerous number diaper changes. Teachers also make note of the child's disposition throughout the day on both the charts and notes. Notes are also provided for parents' use in the morning to let teachers know how the child's night and early morning have been.

Infants are fed bottles and baby foods according to their individualized schedules. Albany Med Kids provides formula, (Enfamil with iron) infant cereal, vegetables and fruit for the infants of our infant program.  The participation in the infant meal program is optional for parents. Parents who opt to not participate in our meal program are required to bring in their own supply of prepared bottles, cereal and jars of fruit and vegetables.  Mothers who are nursing their infants are encouraged to come in and do so at their convenience.

Each infant has his or her own crib in the room. Parents are welcome to bring a soft toy or blanket for nap time. This allows children to relax and feel secure in a new place by giving them something familiar. Infants are laid down to rest/sleep throughout the day, as needed.