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Forensic Medicine

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 Dr. Elihu Butts, Albany Medical College, Class of 1848, from his thesis on the importance of Forensic Medicine: 

 Elihu Butts, Class of 1848, Albany Medical College, Photo and Thesis Quote

 Dr. Butts' hand-written thesis, entitled On the Importance of the Physicians Being well versed in Medical Jurisprudence, is housed in the Albany Medical College Archives. Click here to read the thesis online.

 Pamphlet - The Trial of John Hendrickson, Jr., for the Murder of His Wife Maria, by Poisoning

The National Library of Medicine Murder Pamphlets exhibit, features the trial of John Hendrickson, Jr., for the murder of his wife Maria by poisoning in Bethlehem, N.Y.  At the 1853 trial, Dr. James Salisbury, Albany Medical College - Class of 1850 and Dr. John Swinburne, Albany Medical College - Class of 1846 gave testimony as to the poison used to cause her death. Click on the pamphlet cover for more information.



Images of Dr Salisbury and Swinburne 

Interested in more information on the John Hendrickson, Jr. trial? Click on the links below for more information.

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Arsenic - A Closer Look

  • What is Arsenic? How do people get exposed to arsenic? Get answers from the Toxic Substances Portal from the ATSDR.
  • Learn about arsenic toxicity in Medscape and get CME credit for an Arson Toxicity Case Study from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.
  • Look in MedlinePlus to see how your fingernails can indicate Arsenic poisoning or other health probelems.
  • Check the Enviro-Health Links from the National Library of Medicine and U.S. Department of Health for a list of links about arsenic, human health and the environment.

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Forensic Psychiatry

  • Search for articles about Criminal Responsibility in PubMed Central.
  • Find information in PubMed about Forensic Psychiatry and expert testimony in homicide cases.
  • Click here to discover the details of the famous case that helped establish the insanity defense in New York State. Read more articles about the insanity defense in PubMed Central.

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