Supervisory Staff

Angela Antonikowski, Ph.D. (University at Albany, SUNY [clinical])

Behavioral Pediatrics, AMC

Interests: Cultural diversity and clinical psychology training, cognitive-behavioral therapy.


Howard M. Axelrod, Ph.D. (University at Albany, SUNY [counseling])

Child and Adolescent Service, CDPC

Interests: Psychodynamic therapy; play therapy; assessment of children and adolescents.


Victoria Balkoski, M.D. (Albany Medical College)

Chair, Department of Psychiatry, AMCH; Associate Professor, AMC; Residency Training Director; Medical Director, Inpatient and Outpatient Psychiatry Services

Interests: Psychodynamic psychotherapy, child psychiatry, psychopharmacology.


Mark Cederbaum, Psy.D. (Yeshiva/Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology)

Unit E, CDPC

Interests: Serious and persistent mental illness, forensics, inpatient treatment.


A. Jill Clemence, Ph.D. (University of Tennessee)

AMC Department of Psychiatry; Assistant Professor, AMC; Research Associate, Austen Riggs Center

Interests: Psychodynamic psychotherapy; research in self-destructive behavior and psychotherapy process.


Jennifer Durham-Fowler, Ph.D. (University of Texas [counseling])

AMC Department of Psychiatry

Interests: Psychodynamic psychotherapy; child, adolescent and adult psychotherapy.


Jerome Farrell, Ph.D (University at Albany, SUNY [counseling])

Mental Health Clinic, VAMC


Susan W. Fisher, Ph.D. (University at Albany, SUNY [clinical])

Child and Adolescent Service, CDPC

Interests: Individual and family therapy; child, adolescent, and adult psychotherapy.


Ronald Gerrol, Ph.D. (University of Missouri, St. Louis)

Chief Psychologist, CDPC

Interests: Treatment of sex offenders; psychological evaluation.


Maggie Guglielmi, PhD (University at Buffalo, SUNY)

Mental Health Clinic, VAMC

Interests: PTSD/trauma; suicide risk management and postvention.


Chris Hamilton, Ph.D. (Boston College)

AMC Department of Psychiatry


Caitlin Holley, Ph.D. (University of Louisville)

PTSD/CDRP Programs, Stratton VA Medical Center

Interests: PTSD; neuropsychology and trauma.


Robert O. Hubbell, Psy.D. (Antioch New England Graduate School)

Director of Training, Albany Psychology Internship Consortium; Director, Post-Doctoral Psychology Fellowship, AMC; Assistant Professor, AMC; Student Psychological Services, Albany Medical College; Adjunct Clinical Professor, Division of Counseling Psychology, University at Albany, SUNY

Interests: Personality assessment; Rorschach; collaborative/therapeutic assessment; interpersonal psychotherapy.


Daniel Huber, Ph.D. (Western Michigan University)

Mental Health Clinic, VAMC


Charles R. Kennedy, Ph.D. (University at Albany, SUNY [clinical])

Program Coordinator, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Program, VAMC

Interests: PTSD; group psychotherapy; experiential psychotherapy.


Awen Knowles, Psy.D. (Indiana State University)


Interests: Personality disorder; PTSD; chemical dependency.


Amanda Kras, Ph.D. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Mental Health Clinic, VAMC


Mark Lukowitsky, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University)

Assistant Director, AMC Psychiatry Clinic

Interests: Interpersonal theory; personality disorders; psychotherapy outcome research.


Loretta Malta, PhD (University at Albany, SUNY [clinical])

PTSD Program, VAMC

Interests: Cognitive-behavior therapy; evidence based practice; PTSD.


Michael McCann, PhD (University at Albany, SUNY [counseling])

Hospice, Extended Care and Sub-Acute Rehab, VAMC.  

Interests: Health psychology, geropsychology, neuropsychology.


James Mosher, Ph.D. (Miami University [OH])

PTSD Program, VAMC


Benjamin Mueller, Psy.D. (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)

AMC, Department of Psychiatry

Interests: Group therapy, psychodynamic therapy.


Bruce F. Nelson, Ph.D. (University at Buffalo, SUNY)

Co-manager, Albany Behavioral Health Careline, VAMC

Interests: Short–term dynamic therapy; administrative psychology and leadership.


Steven R. Nozik, Ph.D. (University at Buffalo, SUNY)

Mental Health Clinic, VAMC

Interests: Couples therapy; group therapy; addictions; cognitive–behavioral and solution–focused therapy.


Michael O'Neill, Ph.D. (University at Albany, SUNY [clinical])

Home Based Primary Care, VAMC

Interests: Cognitive–behavioral therapy; child and family; geropsychology.


Annette Payne, Ph.D. (University at Albany, SUNY [clinical])

Lead Psychologist, VAMC


Nicholas J. Pazienza, Ph.D. (University at Albany, SUNY [counseling])

Program Coordinator, Community Day Program, VAMC

Interests: Vocational counseling; group psychotherapy; chronic and persistent mental illness.


Michael S. Prezioso, Ph.D.  (University at Albany, SUNY [counseling])

Director of Inpatient Services, CDPC

Interests: Psychodynamic psychotherapy, clinical supervision.


Leigh Ross, Psy.D. (California School of Professional Psychology)

Unit M, CDPC

Interests: Serious and persistent mental illness, forensics, inpatient treatment.


Steven Sandler, M.D. (Hahnemann Medical College)

Director, Pediatric Consultation Liaison Service, AMCH; Assistant Professor, Psychiatry Clerkship Coordinator AMC

Interests: Pediatrics; child, adolescent and adult psychiatry; Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.


Bianca Schaefer, Ph.D. (University at Albany, SUNY [counseling])

AMC Department of Psychiatry

Interests: Individual, couples, and family psychotherapy; play therapy.


Jeannette P. Sharp, Ph.D. (University at Albany, SUNY [clinical])

Chief Psychologist, AMC; Associate Professor, AMC

Interests: Intensive psychodynamic psychotherapy; psychodiagnostic and neuropsychological assessment.


Warren Wallis, Psy.D. (University of Denver)

Assistant Director, Albany Psychology Internship Consortium; Training Director, Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program in PTSD, Stratton VAMC

Interests: Group therapy, family and couples therapy.