The admissions requirements* for the Center for Physician Assistant Studies
are as follows:

      • Baccalaureate degree including the following prerequisites with grades of C or better:
        -General Chemistry I and II with Labs (8 semester hours)
        -Biochemistry, Organic, or other advanced chemistry (3 semester hours)
        -General Biology I and II with Labs (8 semester hours)
        -Anatomy and Physiology I and II or equivalent with labs (8 semester hours)
        -Microbiology with Lab (4 semester hours)
        -Statistics (3 semester hours)
        -Psychology (3 semester hours)
        -English Composition or other writing intensive course (3 semester hours)
                 One Chemistry and one Biology within five years.
                 All lab courses must be hands on.
  • 1000 hours of responsible health care experience (more information)
  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Completion of the GRE
  • Internet-based TOEFL Score > 100 or equivalent (if applicable)
  • Application through the Centralized Application Process for Physician Assistant Programs (CASPA)
  • Transcript evaluation for non-US institutions (see instructions)
  • Supplemental application with $60.00 fee
  • Interview (by invitation)
  • Accepted applicants must meet Technical Standards for Physician Assistant Students

For more information, contact:
Center for Physician Assistant Studies
Albany Medical College
47 New Scotland Ave. MC-4
Albany, NY 12208-3412

Telephone: 518-262-5251
Fax: 518-262-0484

Alternative Admissions Pathways:
The Center for Physician Assistant Studies has  early assurance admissions for college seniors and/or BS/MS joint programs for high school graduates with the following schools:

*Please contact the admissions office of the appropriate school if interested in these joint programs.