On-Call Schedule

All fellows will rotate through the call pool with the residents and nurse practitioners. It is anticipated that each fellow will take call approximately 1-2 weeknights/week and 1 weekend/month. At rare times during the year, the frequency may be intermittently greater (based on vacation coverage).

The fellow on call is responsible for taking the initial calls for any procedure or patient care issues that arise during off-hours. As the representative for the IR service, it is expected that fellows will act professionally when taking these calls. All procedure requests and urgent issues regarding patients on the IR service should be discussed with the attending on-call. At times, it may be appropriate for the fellow to come in and evaluate a patient prior to calling in staff and at other times, staff should be called in while the patient is being evaluated in order to expedite the procedure.

The on-call responsibilities for IR fellows almost never require staying in-house over night. If that becomes necessary, on-call rooms are provided by the hospital; each room has a bed and telephone. The resident lounge may also be used at times when it is vacant.