Our Current Residents

Class of 2015 - 2016
Kiernan Oconnor, PharmD


Interests: Transplantation and Informatics


“I chose to do my PGY1 residency at Albany Medical Center because of the ability to tailor my residency to include experiences in solid organ transplant, informatics, pediatrics, ID, and HIV, plus a teaching certificate (a.k.a. everything I wanted in a residency). The clinical pharmacy specialists are wonderful, professional, and approachable. And perhaps most importantly, I felt we clicked during the interview.”


Matthew Martin-Souza, PharmD

Interests: Pediatrics

"I choose Albany Medical Center because I wanted variety. During my residency, I wanted to be exposed to as many unique and specialized opportunities as possible to help get me ready to practice as a clinical pharmacist, something that could only be done at a teaching institution. The clinical preceptors here make their best effort to make sure you get exposure to these opportunities in addition to making sure you learned what you will need to know to hit the ground running following your residency."

Egor Veselov, PharmD


Interests: Adminstration


“I chose Albany Medical Center because it serves a diverse population from the Capital Region, which allows for a wide variety of clinical experiences. The residency program also has the ability to gain a teaching and learning certificate through the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Personally, I am interested in the processes and implementation of pharmacy programs along with taking an administrative or financial role. This comprehensive program is committed to providing a beneficial learning experience that will set me up for success upon completion of my residency.”

Devin Holden, PharmD, BCPS

Devin is currently our PGY2 in Critical Care.

"After concluding my PGY-1 training at Albany Medical Center (AMC) it was not a hard decision to come back for an additional year of PGY-2 training. There were a number of factors that were very important to me in choosing a training site for my PGY-2 residency, including training at a large, academic teaching hospital and working with experienced and knowledgeable preceptors. AMC has a level I trauma center and multiple ICUs with a very diverse and complicated patient population, which catered well to my chosen specialty area of critical care. The pharmacy department is very cohesive and the work environment is comfortable, professional and friendly which were important considerations in my decision. The specific preceptors I work with have many years of experience and I am able to create a productive and enjoyable working relationship with them. The opportunities afforded to me this year will greatly enhance my professional development and enable me to reach my goal of becoming a critical care pharmacy specialist."