Clinical Facilities

Albany Medical Center Hospital (AMC)
The otolaryngology inpatient area shares an acute care surgical unit with other surgical subspecialties. Otolaryngology exam rooms are located in the same area.  There is access to the emergency department, operating rooms (including CO2, KTP Omni and YAG lasers, and a minimally invasive theater), the Intensive Care Unit, the Coronary Care Unit, and a full-service radiology facility, including a CT scanner and state-of-the-art MRI equipment with advanced neuronavigation.        

South Clinical Campus (SCC) of AMC
The South Clinical Campus is a small outpatient hospital and is utilized for the same-day surgical procedures such as T and A, otology, and sinus endoscopy. Our outpatient facilities are located at SCC, which include nine fully equipped exam rooms, a microscope room with an operating room bed for minor procedures, and a voice study lab. The Medical College also has laryngeal function research facilities for ongoing research in laryngeal physiology.

Stratton Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC)
The otolaryngology inpatient shares an acute care surgical unit with other surgical subspecialties. It has fully equipped operating rooms with laser systems, emergency room and radiology facilities, and intensive care and coronary care units. The outpatient clinics consist of four fully equipped exam rooms, a two-headed microscope for otologic exams, and full audiology and speech pathology departments. The VAMC has excellent medical media and research library facilities and a temporal bone dissection lab with four House-Urban microscopes and high-speed drills.

St. Peter’s Hospital
St. Peter's Hospital has acute care surgical wards and intensive care and coronary care units. The operating room has CO2 and YAG lasers, as well as a full facial plating system. The outpatient department has fully equipped exam rooms for a weekly general otolaryngology clinic and a monthly cleft palate clinic.