Fellows' Research

DeLago A., El-Hajjar M. "C104-A A randomized, double-blind, double-dummy, parallel group, phase 3 efficacy and safety study of CGT-2168 compared with clopidogrel to reduce upper GI events including bleeding and symptomatic ulcer disease". December 2007-present

DeLago A., Singh N., Bashire I., Manning C., Gill J., Gupta S. "Rheolytic Thrombectomy and Stenting for Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction: Clinical and Angiographic Outcomes in a Nonselected Population". 2006

Singh P., DeLago A. "GE LIGHTSPEED - A study to evaluate diagnostic performance of intravenous contrast-enhanced CCTA using GE Lightspeed VCT scanner for detection of coronary luminal obstruction in subjects with typical or atypical chest pain suspected of CAD in comparison to Cath". 2006 present

Singh N., Kani A., DeLago A. "Technical Feasibility Based on LMCA Stenosis Classification and Short Term Clinical Outcomes after Unprotected LMCA Percutaneous Interventions with Drug Eluting Stents".  A Single Center Experience". Chest Abstract; November 2005.