Emergency Medicine - Clinical Schedule

As residents advance through our training program, they enjoy progressive amounts of responsibility and independence. There is a proportional decrease in weekly work hours as residents proceed to their senior years. Residents work 9-hour shifts in the Emergency Department, with first-year residents working 20, second-years 19, and third-year residents 18 shifts per block. The 9-hour shifts in the Emergency Department allow for one hour of overlap coverage so that new patients can be seen for approximately 8 hours, with one hour to finish up and leave on time. Every effort is made to accommodate scheduling requests, and residents typically do not have trouble making swaps if they need certain time off.     

Critical care rotation schedules follow the scheduling template of that service. All of our rotation schedules are in compliance with ACGME and New York State work hour regulations.

Four weeks of vacation/reading time are provided each academic year, with this time taken from the ED blocks.