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Alumni Associations


1952 AMC College Classroom

Albany Medical College
 Classroom 1928

The Albany Medical Center Archives preserves and cares for unique and historical materials, making them available for research and use now and in the future. The collection dates back to 1811 and features not only original documents such as the original draft of the Act to Incorporate the Albany Medical College, but also fascinating and unusual objects, such as the Lithopedion, or “stone baby.”

What is an archives?
An archives is a place alive with information!  An archives is a collection containing non-current records of an institution as well as historical materials.

An archives allows you to explore history and discover new and exciting truths about
an institution, place, or person.  

 Collection Holdings Highlights for the Albany Medical Center Archives:

Alumni Association Records 1874-2005
Theses 1839-1891 Photographs
Yearbooks, "The Skull" 1906-2009
Albany Hospital Records 1844-1990
Albany Medical College 1811-2005
Albany Medical Annals 1880-1939



Albany Medical College Matriculation Card (1838)


As Alumni of Albany Medical College you are part of the rich history and heritage of AMC. To help grow the Alumni Association Archives collection, please fill out and submit our Archival Bio Form.


 Interesting Links:

Check out Schaffer Library’s Civil War Medicine display , featuring historical items from the AMC Alumni Association Archives and detailing AMC Alumni and faculty contributions to the Civil War.

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For more information about the collection holdings, check out our Archival Brochure.