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Center for Neuropharmacology & Neuroscience



CNN - Fall Seminar Schedule

Wed, Sep. 21
1:30 PM

Speaker:  Dana Crawford, Ph.D., AMC Faculty -CIMD
Topic:  Oxidatively degraded mitochondrial DNA is a newly identified DAMP family member in astrocytes, and potential trigger of Alzheimer's disease.

Wed, Oct. 19
1:30 PM

Speaker:  Sergei Kirov, Ph.D., Georgia Health Sciences University
Topic:  Cortical spreading depolarization: emerging pathophysiologic mechanisms in the acutely injured brain.
Sponsor:  Dr. Mongin

Wed, Oct 26
1:30 PM

Speaker:  Ling Cao, M.D., Ph.D., University of New England
Topic:   Investigation of the neuroimmune mechanisms of two models of neuropathic pain.
Sponsor:  Dr. Rice

Wed, Nov. 9
11:30 AM

Molinary Memorial Lecture: 
Speaker:  Kathryn Albers, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Topic:  Tissue specificity in growth factor modulation of sensory neuron properties.

Wed, Dec. 14
11:30 AM

Speaker:  SuJean Choi, Ph.D., Marquette University
Topic:  Hypothalamic mechanisms underlying feeding behavior.
Sponsor:  Dr. Jacobson

2012 CNN - Spring Seminar Schedule
Wed, Mar. 28
1:30 PM

Speaker:  Herbert E. Covington, III, Ph.D., Duke University
Topic:  Molecular mechanisms of drug addiction.
Sponsor:  Dr. McCallum

Wed, May 2
1:30 PM
Speaker:  J. Timothy Greenamyre, M.D., Ph.D.,
Pittsburgh Inst Neurodegen Diseases
Topic:  TBA
Sponsor:  Dr. Higgins