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The Center for Cell Biology and Cancer Research - CCBCR


Postdoctoral fellowships and/or other positions accepted by former Ph.D. students after graduating


Grad. Year

Institution (if known) 

Rhiannon Kelsh     2015 Entered Medical School
Tessa Simone     2015 Univ. Massachusetts-Worcester
Amanda Fry     2015 NYU
Jessica Overstreet     2015 Vanderbilt University
Dara Missan     2014 Fry Laboratories
Ran You 2011 Molecular Targeting Technologies
Jennifer Freytag 2011 Faculty, Sage College of Albany
Diane Colello-Borges 2010 Director of Research, Coney Island Hospital
Bethsaida Nieves 2010 Stanford University
Alison Urvalek 2010 Cornell University
Hangiu Zheng 2010 Princeton University
Kara Mitchell 2010 Wadsworth Center/NY State Dept. Health
Purva Singh 2008 Princeton University
John Lamar 2008 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Arti Shinde 2008 Albany Medical College
Patrick Bryant 2008 Wadsworth Center/NY State Dept. Health
Keylon Cheeseman 2008 Wadsworth Center/NY State Dept. Health
Ganary Dabiri 2007 Medical Student, Albany Medical College
Lisa Mingle 2007 Wadsworth Center/NY State Dept. Health
Karen Adamo 2007 Faculty, Siena College
Teerin Meckmongkol 2007 Medical Student, Albany Medical College 
Elizabeth Monaghan-Benson 2007 University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Peter Bartholomew 2005 Boston College
Vandana Iyer 2005 SUNY-Upstate Medical University
Rosalie Allen 2005 St. Jude Children's Hospital
David Choma 2004 Medical Student, Albany Medical College
Meghan McMullen 2004 Brigham & Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical
R. Matthew Klein 2004 University of Massachusetts Medical School
Kafi N. Meadows 2003 Cutaneous Biology Research Center,
Mass Gen Hosp/ Harvard Medical
Rohan Samarakoon 2002 Brigham & Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical
Jenny Shum 2002 Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler, LLP
Kirwin Providence 2002 Ithaca College
Amy L. Bodeau 2001 Resident, Virginia Mason/University of Washington-Seattle
Cynthia Wilkins-Port 2000 Albany Medical College
Lan Lan 2000 Harvard Medical College