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Albany Medical Center Acquires Most Advanced MRI Imaging Available

ALBANY, N.Y., February 29, 2012—Radiologists, neurologists, surgeons and other specialists throughout the community now have access to the most sophisticated imaging technology available. The new Philips Ingenia Wide-Bore 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner provides the clearest images currently possible of the human anatomy, thus improving diagnostic accuracy. It is available locally only at Albany Med.

Tesla refers to the strength of the magnet within the scanner. The 3T is twice as powerful as the previous scanner on the market and has roughly 60,000 times the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field. According to Joseph Cousins, M.D., Ph.D., radiologist at Albany Medical Center, the stronger the magnet, the clearer the image.

“This MRI is so precise, we are able to clearly detect and define small tumors, tiny tissue tears, and intricate blood vessels better than ever before,” said Dr. Cousins. “As a result, Albany Medical Center’s physicians can make more precise diagnoses and conduct better pre-surgical planning, resulting in better care for our patients.”

Neurologist Anthony Ritaccio, M.D., who specializes in the treatment of epilepsy, says the machine has the potential to make some conditions that were previously inoperable, operable.

“This machine can essentially transform epilepsy surgery,” he says. “Not only can it detect small abnormalities that were previously invisible, but it also enables advanced imaging for the identification of complex brain pathways, allowing for safer surgeries.”

The new 3T also is designed with a number of features to enhance patient comfort, including a 70 cm bore—the widest opening available—to ease patient anxiety.

“Patients will find that the 3T provides a more comfortable experience overall,” said Dr. Cousins. “They will experience shorter exam times without compromising image quality. And, the machine is better equipped for the elderly and children. For instance, patients are able to bend their knees now if necessary, and we can still obtain usable images despite small movements, which are common during pediatric scans.”

In addition, an enhanced 500 lb. table weight capacity will better accommodate bariatric patients. 

Albany Med’s scanner also is equipped with nearly a dozen “ambient images” patients can choose to project on a wall during their exam, such as scenic views of Africa or Asia, or playful characters for children. Patients also can select the color of the lights in the room housing the scanner.

The new scanner is located in the Medical Center’s radiology department on its main campus, along with a 1.5T MRI. In addition, there are two 1.5T scanners at Albany Med’s South Clinical Campus on Hackett Blvd., one of which is mobile, and one at the Capital Region Orthopedic Group on Washington Ave.

Referrals are required for MRIs.

Albany Medical Center, northeastern New York’s only academic health sciences center, is one of the largest private employers in the Capital Region. It incorporates the 651-bed Albany Medical Center Hospital, which offers the widest range of medical and surgical services in the region, and the Albany Medical College, which trains the next generation of doctors, scientists and other healthcare professionals,  and which also includes a biomedical research enterprise and the region’s largest physicians practice with 325 doctors. Albany Medical Center works with dozens of community partners to improve the region’s health and quality of life. For more information: or


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