Perinatal Outreach Program - Quality Oversight Initiatives

The Regional Perinatal Center is responsible to provide quality oversight to each affiliate hospital in the NENY region.

We work collaboratively with each hospital to identify opportunities to support and improve their internal quality processes including:

  • Evaluation of perinatal standards of care and professional guidelines. 
  • Annual customer satisfaction survey.
  • Continuing education programs to affiliate hospitals, physicians and nurses.
  • Quality improvement focused site visits to affiliate hospitals.
  • Member of affiliate hospital's quality improvement team.
  • Provide evidence based educational learning.
  • Continuity of care for transports. 


Regional Survey Results: 
Do you require ACLS for PACU/Recovery?

Where do you labor and deliver multiples?

Do you have electronic access to HIV results?
What infant security system do you use?
Do your pediatricians attend all C-sections?
How do you assure that you have access to prenatal records?
Do you require STABLE for newborn care at delivery?
NENY Hospital Vaginal Delivery Counts