Electronic/Mobile Apps

There are several electronic/mobile apps you to track bleeds and infusions given, including dates, lot #'s and expiration dates. They also allow you to set reminders for infusions, and to share this info with the HTC. These apps are provided by Factor companies, so please make sure it is set to not receive personal identifying information unless you wish to do so.

Hemago is an all-inclusive app for iPhone® or desktop to track bleeds and infusions. It can also set reminders for infusions, appointments. This app is offerred by NovoNordisk and you can learn more by visiting  www.changingpossibilities-US.com.  

HemMobile allows you to capture the lot number, product expiration date, and amount of your infused factor product using your device’s camera* if on Pfizer products. You can set up multiple profiles for caregivers who care for multiple patients. This app is offered by Pfizer and you can learn more by visiting www.hemophiliavillage.com.

This app is for those with hemophilia A. You can use FactorTrack™ on your Android™, personal computer, iPhone®, or iPod touch®. It is offerred by Bayer and you can learn more by visiting www.livingwithhemophilia.com/FactorTrack.

Flashlink to Hemophilia
This app is a flashdrive that allows for bleed and infusion logging. It also has information on diagnosis, tips on injury prevention, dental care and medications. It is offered by Grifols and you can learn more by vising www.grifols.com.


*See your health care provider for specific medical advice. AMC does not take responsibility for content provided at external link sites.