Healing Arts - Energy Based Therapies

Energy Based Therapies (EBT) utilizes the hands to direct healing energies to restore harmony and balance in the energy system.  Through a heart centered and caring relationship, a healer creates an optimum environment for self healing to occur.  All healing is basically self-healing.  EBT stimulates bioelectromagnetic and physiological changes in the patient at a cellular level to promote not only the physical, but the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of healing.  Techniques are not dependent on any particular religious belief. 

Diane Stredny performs healing touch; one of the most popular energy based therapies available.
Energy Based Therapy is a form of complementary therapy intended as an adjunct to traditional medicine.  EBT is part of the Intragrative Medicine model.  There are medical doctors and nurses combining medical skills with hand on energy interventions all throughout the country.  Hand on energy interventions are used by more than 30,000 nurses in US hospitals each year.  Healing Touch, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch are different forms of energy interventions utilizing universal energy.   

The Science Behind EBT
Documented studies have shown that with hands-on energy work surgical wounds and sutures heal faster, that circulations and breathing improve post-surgically, and that relaxation promotes healing.  Healing Touch has more than 50 research studies, four of which have been funded by the National Institute of Health.  Therapeutic Touch has a strong body of professional research and literature, as well. 

What does a "session" look like?
An appointment for energy work begins with a history of physical and emotional issues.  An energetic assessment of the biofield is performed and specific interventions are chosen based on the findings.  Each technique can be performed either on the body or off the body (in the biofield).  Because all matter is formed with energy, there is no need to remove clothing, or disturb dressing, casts, tubes, or appliances.  A patient's comfort is accommodated through pillows and positioning in a bed, a padded table, or a chair.

What does a "session" feel like?
During the treatment, light touch may be administered.  The client may experience heat from the practitioner's hands, or a gentle tingling, or nothing at all.  Most clients experience a state of relaxation or well-being, experience new insights, and/or have a decreased cessation or pain or discomfort.*

*Individual responses may vary.  Caution: The client may experience a temporary malaise afterwards as flowing energy removes debris via the physical body.      

To arrange a patient session contact the Healing Arts Program at (518) 262-4575.