HIV Mini-Residencies and Application Information

Albany Medical Center is a member of the consortium of institutions which formed the New York/New Jersey AIDS Education and Training Center (NY/NJ AETC) in 2002. Through the NY/NJ AETC, Albany Med collaborates with the upstate academic medical centers in Rochester and Buffalo to provide HIV mini-residencies.

Mini-residencies consist of:

  • Clinical evaluation and monitoring of asymptomatic HIV positive patients to include physical examination and laboratory findings.
  • Clinical evaluation of symptomatic HIV positive patients to include treatment recommendations and referrals.
  • Didactic lectures.

At the conclusion of the training, the practitioner should be able to:

  • Discuss specialty care and treatment of HIV-infected persons.
  • Recognize the early signs and symptoms of HIV disease to improve early diagnosis of infected persons.
  • Understand the functioning of an HIV care team.

This intensive training program incorporates didactic and clinical sessions. The didactic portion includes a combination of web-based self-study and in-person lectures. Participants must submit a written evaluation commenting on their training experience, a course evaluation and case histories.  A certificate of completion is awarded upon completion of all requirements 

To be eligible, you must be a citizen of the United States and you must be licensed in the state of New York. 

For information about mini-residencies offered at each academic medical center, please select one of the links below.

Stay Connected with the NY/NJ AETC AIDS after your training:

The ACCESS Certificate Program is a unique integration of didactic and experiential training, providing participants with access to the diverse conferences, workshops, preceptorships and consultation services offered by the NY/NJ AETC. It is a multiple-day individualized training for minority serving providers working in communities highly impacted by HIV. If you are interested, please indicate on the application form.

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