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clostridium difficile toxin by pcr
Synonyms: C. DIFF PCR 
Computer Code: (CDIFD)
Specimen Collection: Collect at least 3 mL of fresh WATERY or SOFT diarrheal stool in a clean leak proof container. Formed stool will not be tested. Do not collect from bedside bag. Transport within 1 hour. 
Minimum Volume: 3 mL 
Handling Instructions for Offsite Areas: Store and transport at 2-8ºC within 5 days. 
Reference Values: Negative. Repeat testing within 7 days will be rejected unless there is a change in clinical status. Testing children <1 year may lead to erroneous results since 50% of infants may be asymptomatic carriers not presenting with disease. Some patients may exhibit positive toxin results for 2-3 months post successful treatment. Do not use as a test of cure.  
Lab Code: MIC 
Requisition: MOL DIAG
Test Frequency: Daily 
Routine TAT: 1 day 
Stat TAT: NA 
CPT Code(s): 87493 
LCD or NCD:  
Methodology Used: 31
See Addendum XVII

Albany Medical Center
43 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY, 12208
Date: 05/25/2016
Time: 01:24:48 (24hr)