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culture, bacterial, stool
Synonyms: Stool Culture; Enteric Pathogen Screen; Yersinia; Vibrio; Salmonella; Shigella; E.coli 0157; Campylobacter; Aeromonas; Shiga Toxin Producing E. coli 
Computer Code: STCO
Specimen Collection: Collect stool in clean leak proof sealed container or ETM transport media. Rectal swabs accepted for children <1yr old only, unless prearranged with lab at 262-3511. 
Minimum Volume: 1 mL liquid 1 gm solid 
Handling Instructions for Offsite Areas: Refrigerate unpreserved stool up to 3 hrs. Transport media available from lab for stools if transport delayed >1 hr. See transport media package for instructions. 
Reference Values: Rules out Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli 0157, shiga toxin, Campylobacter, Aeromonas and Yersinia (Vibrio, if requested). Susceptibility performed if indicated. Patients hospitalized for greater than 3 days do not have culture performed unless the admitting diagnosis is relevant or special arrangements are made. Notify the lab at 262-3511 if necessary.  
Lab Code: MIC 
Requisition: MICRO
Test Frequency: Daily 
Routine TAT: Neg: 3 days Pos: 2-3 days 
Stat TAT: NA 
CPT Code(s): 87045, 87046 
LCD or NCD:  
Methodology Used: 14
See Addendum XVII

Albany Medical Center
43 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY, 12208
Date: 04/30/2016
Time: 04:58:46 (24hr)