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beta 2 transferrin, fluid
Synonyms: B2 Transferrin; CSF Specific Transferrin; Otorrhea, CSF; Rhinorrhea, CSF; Transferrin B2; Transferrin, Spinal Fluid; Cerebrospinal Fluid, Leakage 
Computer Code: (MBET2)
Specimen Collection: 0.5 mL body fluid (nasal, otic, etc.) Direct collection may be done with a pipet, syringe (with needle removed), test tube, or micro collection device. Cotton swab in tightly sealed container. 
Minimum Volume: 0.2 mL 
Handling Instructions for Offsite Areas: Freeze in original collection container. Transport specimen on dry ice. 
Reference Values: See reference laboratory report.  
Lab Code: CC REF 
Requisition: SPEC C
Test Frequency: NA 
Routine TAT: 10 days 
Stat TAT: NA 
CPT Code(s): 86335 
LCD or NCD:  
Methodology Used: R
See Addendum XVII

Albany Medical Center
43 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY, 12208
Date: 05/24/2016
Time: 11:46:40 (24hr)