Albany Med Leading National Study of Procedure to Shrink Uterine Tumors


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Albany Med Leading National Study of Procedure to Shrink Uterine Tumors

January 14, 2013 - Albany , NY

ALBANY, N.Y., January 14, 2013-Gary Siskin, M.D., professor and chair of radiology at Albany Medical Center, is leading a nationwide clinical study that could increase the effectiveness of treatment for uterine fibroids.

Fibroids are relatively common benign tumors of the uterus that can cause pain, excessive bleeding, and in many cases anemia.

A popular treatment for fibroids, uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), involves injecting special  micro-beads into the arteries that bring blood to the uterus.  These micro-beads embolize, or cut off, the blood supply to the fibroids, depriving them of oxygen, which leads to improvement in fibroid-related symptoms.

The trial is testing a different type of micro-bead, called Embozene Microspheres, manufactured by CeloNova BioSciences, Inc., against the standard embolizing micro-beads to see if this can further increase the effectiveness of UFE.

"Embolization using the current standard materials is about 90 percent effective in shrinking tumors to eliminate the symptoms of fibroids. The micro-beads being tested, which are FDA-approved to treat other types of tumors, could bring that number even higher and make a difference in the lives of thousands of women," said Dr. Siskin.

As national co-principal investigator of the study, Dr. Siskin is coordinating testing at 12 global sites, including Albany Medical Center, enrolling approximately 20 patients at each site throughout 2013. Study results will be published in 2014.

Dr. Siskin is a leader in the field, performing about 150 UFEs every year. Five other interventional radiologists also perform the procedure at Albany Med.

"Albany Med's large volume of UFEs and historically high rate of success with the procedure created the opportunity to lead this clinical study and help us maintain our tradition of practicing medicine at the highest level possible," said Dr. Siskin.

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