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Get Well
Small Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

  • Watch portion sizes Eat off a smaller plate, avoid portions larger than your fist, and wait 20 minutes before grabbing a second helping. When ordering out, take half of the meal home for lunch the next day. Drinking a glass of water before eating will also help you feel fuller faster.
  • Make healthier choices Choose whole grains, lean meats, reduced fat dairy products, and stock up on fruits and vegetables.
  • Change the way you shop Make a list and stick to it. Eating before you shop will keep impulse buys in check. Read nutritional labels, buy fresh produce and look for snacks in smaller packages.
  • Keep a food journal Writing down everything you eat and drink will help you recognize problem areas, and make you think twice before picking or grazing.
  • Look for ways to exercise as a family Identify a particular sport each family member enjoys, find a favorite location to go for a walk or bike, or simply have a dance party in the comfort of your living room. Perspiration is a sign that your body is working harder and therefore, you are exercising. Hitting the gym is not the only way to get a good workout.
  • Invest in a pedometer Walking builds stamina, increases circulation, and improves energy. Track your daily activity levels and increase your steps by 2,000, aiming for a goal of 10,000 steps (or one mile) daily.
  • Take time for yourself Involve yourself in activities that make you happy. Laughter is an easy way to improve your immune system, relieve stress and even heal more quickly. And never underestimate the power of a good night's sleep.
  • Take time for your family Finding the time to eat even one meal a day will keep you connected. Be sure to find time for fun, too!

*Consult with your health care provider before beginning any diet or exercise plan.