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Jennifer Lindstrom, MD

While there is no magic cure to combat childhood obesity, Dr. Jennifer Lindstrom, a clinical nutritionist, believes strongly that a healthy combination of education and a regimented plan can make all the difference?and she works to ensure that it starts at home. Research shows that food preferences and healthy eating habits are established in the very early years of life, which is why Dr. Lindstrom uses a family approach to address good nutritional habits and proper exercise routines. With a comprehensive assessment of the overall health and well-being of a child, she considers critical factors including age, height, weight, blood pressure, physical limitations and psychological issues to customize a treatment plan for the child that can be reinforced by the child's support team?parents, grandparents, siblings, and caregivers. Dr. Lindstrom ensures that everyone on board with the plan knows that the goal is never perfection, but rather a dedication to change and progress.

A graduate of the University of Rochester, Dr. Lindstrom came to Albany to complete her residency training in internal medicine-pediatrics, and served as chief resident. She joined the faculty of Albany Medical Center as a research clinician in 2004, focusing her research on childhood obesity. Dr. Lindstrom currently serves as associate professor of medicine/pediatrics at Albany Medical College and medical director of the Bariatric Surgery Center at Albany Medical Center.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lindstrom, parents should call (518) 262-0942.

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