Life-Changing Experiences - National Nurses Week

Celebrating Albany Med Nurses
In honor of National Nurses Week, patients are celebrating the extraordinary care they received from dedicated Albany Med nurses.
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Albany Med Nurses Change Patients' Lives

Each day, Albany Medical Center nurses provide exceptional and compassionate care to patients from all over northeastern New York and beyond. With more than 2,000 highly skilled nurses, Albany Med provides the highest-level of patient care across many disciplines – making a difference in many people’s lives. Albany Med is proud to share the stories of patients’ life-changing experiences, in their own words, as a result of the exceptional care they received from Albany Med nurses.

Albany Medical Center Nurses Honored for Nursing Excellence

Four Albany Medical Center nurses, (l. to r. in above photo) Andrea Graffeo, Connie Barber, Colleen Umholtz, and Cheryl Clow, were among a select group honored for nursing excellence through the Albany Times Union’s “Salute to Nurses” initiative. Read the press release here.

From Albany Med's Facebook Page:

“God bless all nurses.”

When my son was sick the nurses at Albany Med (CPS) were very compassionate. They took care of Gregory like he was their son or nephew. Love them all very much.


Five years ago I had triple bypass surgery after suffering a heart attack at age 42. The nurses in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit were awesome. In September last year my grandson was born three months premature. He spent over seven months in the NICU and a week in the PICU. I want to thank every nurse that made him feel loved.

I had twins in 2006 and the nurses were amazing in the NICU! I also had a child born very sick in 2013 and was transported to Albany Med and they were also amazing then! That hospital is amazing and I tell everyone I know to go there!

I was hospitalized three times for a total of 19 days between March 23 and April 15 on B3 Trauma and E4. Most of my nurses were awesome, helpful, advocates for my needs, supportive, and genuinely nice. My most memorable nurses include Joel (B3); Michael, Sarah J, Kevin, Sam (E4); and a bunch more. I also need to shout out to the stat (rapid response) nurses who were there twice to help my team when I was in a bad spot, my wonderful partner Marcia (D3N) who is my primary caregiver at home, advocate, and just passed her PCCN exam; and my mom (SCC) who is one of my strongest supporters and advocates. Albany Med is my lifeline, especially thanks to all of the nurses and other staff that made my stays more bearable.

Oncology floor nurses rule!!!

Loved the nurses in pediatric I.C.U. Thank you all for the care you gave to our son and thank you for getting us through the most difficult time in our lives.

As a “frequent flyer” at Albany Med I have to say I just love all of the nurses I have had the past seven years. The nurses on C4 are the most caring, loving, and compassionate nurses. Whenever I am admitted I request C4 because I know I will get the best care from the Nurses on that floor. It is such a great feeling as a frequent flyer to have nurses that are like family. THANK YOU TO ALL THE NURSES FOR ALL THEIR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION.

Jennifer Moore and Elli rock on B3.

The oncology nurses of D4 and the nurses in the anaphoresis unit are outstanding!!!! Thank you all for the wonderful care you give my son. You are AMAZING!!!!!

“I want to thank every nurse that made me feel loved”

I have to say on recent visit to Albany Med I was very impressed at the care of a friend of ours and family by the nurses. God bless all nurses! Very tough job!

A son and two grandchildren had surgery at Albany Med’s South Clinical Campus. Kudos to a great bunch of nurses!

The labor and delivery, postpartum, and ante partum nurses are awesome!

Sherry is a nurse in the CPU. She provided outstanding care to my mother last July after she unexpectedly had double bypass surgery.

Spent the better part of the summer of 2014 at Albany Med .C2 –amazing care -- and I live a distance from Albany Med.

I work in the neurology clinic with awesome nurses and on D5E and they are miracle workers. Thank you everyone for all you do. Enjoy your week.

I also "cheer" for the Albany Med nurses. I have had four hospitalizations at Albany Med. Each time cared for with the utmost sensitivity. No one does it better...BIG Albany Med fan!!!

“Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough! Truly amazing is all I can say.”

Recently had surgery and then a major setback and Albany Med nurses were phenomenal during my difficult time. My last week there I was at the rehab center and those nurses were beyond wonderful. They went above and beyond for every patient they had. And they never made us feel inadequate for needing help or care while building our strength. I will never go anywhere else for my medical needs. You've got the perfect mix of medicine down pat!

Albany Medical Center is the best!

Love the D7 nurses and hem/onc clinic for kids are irreplaceable!!! Wonderful and loving!!!

Proud mom a VICU nurse who is amazing!!!

You are amazing ....C4 nurses, STAT nurses, clinical support nurses and many other nurses in the different floors/units of Albany Med!

I worked at Albany Med for ten years and I was a patient as well and I always found the nurses to be top rated.

NICU nurses, PACU nurses, and especially the nurses in pediatric surgery and pediatric endocrinology!

Growing up with a father in and out of other hospitals due to his MS, I'm very familiar with nursing care and give huge kudos to the nurses at Albany Med who took fantastic care of my ten-year- old son after his open heart surgery!

Pre and post op nurses for my rotator cuff surgery last December were just the best. There’s nothing like individual attention, warmth, and humor to make the Albany Med experience a good one.

I had my first child at AMC 35 years ago the 7th of May. Great care Thank you!

D4 oncology/hematology treats you like family.

Albany Med’s NICU and nurses are amazing!! My son was born in 2000 and weight 1 lb 6 oz at birth. They did everything to help me. My son is now a happy and healthy 15-year-old. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough! Truly amazing is all I can say.

The Pediatric Oncology nurses and all the nurses that took care of my daughter during her fight with cancer are not only the most amazing nurses in the world, they are like my family. In tears as I write this, these women and men were there for not only my daughter and every child in their care, they were there for me and for all the parents and siblings and families. They took care of my daughter as if she were their own. They truly loved her and she loved them right back. It was these wonderful nurses who took care of my daughter for more than five years that inspired me to become a nurse myself, at 38 years old. When my daughter passed away, they cried with me. They were a tremendous source of support and I am forever thankful for each and every one of them. Three years later after losing my daughter, I still stay in touch with many of them. You all know who you are, and I love you all and miss you.

My cousin Michelle works there. She is a fantastic, incredibly intelligent nurse with a huge heart. Albany Med, as well as the patients, visitors and staff, are fortunate she works there.

My son was in the NICU many moons ago and I remember them being great.

I have interacted recently with two nurses in the B Building ICU. They have been amazing, attentive, professional, and supportive. THANK YOU.

Happy nurse's week to all the nurses at Albany Med! They are amazing and make a difference in so many lives.

“Nurses are special people, angels on earth.”

My daughter was hit by a car and needed surgery on her leg. Trauma and surgical floor B3 were great. Thank you all so much for all you did. She also had head and neck trauma.

All the staff on the Albany Med PICU floor was friendly and nice.

To all the nurses in neurosurgery, you rock ladies I see how hard you work every day!!!

I am fortunate to work with Barbara S. She is indeed committed to quality care.

My daughter is a nurse at Albany Med. I know that every patient she comes in contact with is getting the best possible care ever. She is kind, caring and compassionate and loves what she does.

My son spent 2.5 months at Albany Med. The nurses on his floor were so great…everyone was.

I was just discharged from the third floor after total hip replacement. Shout out to my people...RN's Kaylie, Minnie, Jamie and Michele. Also, Noor, Jamie and PSA!

NICU nurses are the best!

In 2010 I had was a high risk pregnancy so I had to deliver six weeks early. I didn't encounter one unhappy nurse. Everyone I came in contact with was very pleasant and caring. I was very nervous going there at first because it’s such a big facility and I didn't think I would get personalized care. Everyone from admitting to the OR to recovery and the post partum floor was beyond wonderful.

Nurses are special people, angels on earth!

BEAUTIFUL CALMING heartfelt LOVE them all! Ps my daughter Amy is a RN

I work with some of the best ER nurses around, kudos to a wonderful team that we have!

“NICU nurses are the best.”

Jenn from B3! Thank you so much for taking such great care of my husband!! All of the nursing staff has always been great at AMC!

I had surgery last year and was cared for by wonderful nurses on C2! Thank you ladies!!