Life-Changing Experiences - National Nurses Week

Celebrating Albany Med Nurses
In honor of National Nurses Week, patients are celebrating the extraordinary care they received from dedicated Albany Med nurses.
2016 Salute a Nurse
Albany Med Nurses Change Patients' Lives

Salute to Nurses 2016 rotatingEach day, Albany Medical Center nurses provide exceptional and compassionate care to patients from all over northeastern New York and beyond. With more than 2,500 highly skilled nurses, Albany Med provides the highest-level of patient care across many disciplines – making a difference in many people's lives. Albany Med is proud to share the stories of patients' life-changing experiences, in their own words, as a result of the exceptional care they received from Albany Med nurses.


Albany Medical Center Nurses Honored for Nursing Excellence
Salute to Nurses 2016
Four Albany Medical Center nurses, (l. to r. in above photo) Cheryl Clow, Ann Ross, Rebecca Nunziato, and Matt Hickling, were among a select group honored for nursing excellence through the Albany Times Union's "Salute to Nurses" initiative.

From the Albany Med Facebook and Twitter Pages Recognizing Nurses

Albany Med Nursing TeamIt's been a year since my son was at Albany Med for his thyroglossal duct cyst infection/excision.... and he still remembers Monica and "Big Sam" from the pediatric floor. Being in the hospital over and over was tough, but his favorite nurses are the parts of that time that make him smile. Thanks for all you do!!!

I know all you guys. You are the best. Saved my husband's leg.

Cliff Estaris is awesome!!! When my son needed venous blood draws several times a week when he started warfarin Cliff was one of the few who could do it quickly and with little trauma.

Albany Med Nursing TeamI wish I could remember the names of all of the wonderful nurses from whom I received care while at Albany Med. They (along with the rest of the staff there) helped to make an unpleasant situation so much easier to bear! I can't thank everyone enough!

All of the pediatric cardiac nurses in the PICU. Our son has had three open heart surgeries and we never would have made it through without them.

After my brain surgery, I had a wonderful nurse my husband and I will never forget - Isabel Castro. She was the most loving and caring nurse I had in my 3 stays at AMC due to my surgery.

With being a frequent flyer at Albany Med I have so many that have touched my Life and made a Difference. It's so hard Albany Med Nursing Teamto choose just one. But I do see one of our all-time favorite Genetic Nurses Cheryl in this Photo. THANK YOU TO ALL NURSES AT AMC FOR ALL YOU DO EVERY DAY FOR ALL OF YOUR PATIENTS. You are all a truly the best.

Seeing as I've been Inpatient four different times in the last four months, I've see A LOT of nurses-- all of which were fantastic. I can't complain about any of them. Becca, Cheryl, Alison... So many more were just fantastic!!!

For several years I had the privilege of working with Connie Barber and she is a very special nurse indeed!

All the CCU D2 nurses had a hand in saving my life. Without them I wouldn't be here today. Back in November of 2015 I had a massive Albany Med Nursing Teamseizure and arrived with a bp of 280/200. They were kind and showed me patience when I wasn't quite myself. Thank you for all you do at AMC.

I wish I remembered the names of the wonderful nurses in the 5th floor Neuro Monitoring unit... They were all terrific when I spent a week there in July.

Colleen from D7 is second to none, I know nurses are the unsung heroes and bust their butts, but Colleen from D7 rocks, she want above and beyond while my son was there as did all the staff on D7.

It's hard to pick just one, but Melodies clinic nurses are amazing and so are all of the D7 nurses.

Jodi Scardillo is the absolutely best WOCN ever! Many thanks go to the whole dept as well. Also, Mary Poleto in VIR and the whole VIR team, as well as E8.

Albany Med Nursing TeamD5E nurses rock all the time day or night.

Every single person on this PICU deserves a medal, or recognition for how well all staff works together. I always walked away feeling confident in the knowledge and education. I knew I could take care of my son. YOU ARE ALL TRULY OUR HEROES.

The nurses in the PICU are true miracle workers!

Cheryl Clow. She's an amazing and caring nurse.

Albany Med Nursing TeamHow can I pick just one. The nurses of both ICU and MICU are truly amazing people!

Connie Barber, you're the best. I have the pleasure of working with you for many years.

Carol Pollett on E6 provided the best care.

The best nurse in the world is Rebecca Bowen! She is my hero!!!

Andrea Graffeo is a fabulous nurse!

Patrick Pulver, AMC ER Nurse---very competent and compassionate when we were losing my father.

There was a lot of them after my farm accident! Thank you all!

Colleen Umholtz is fantastic!

A Family of Nurses

Three generations of their family have served Albany Medical Center patients. It started with Susan LaDuke, RN, who retired from work after 22 years in the surgical intensive care unit. Admiring her mother's Albany Med stories, Kerrie Snyder, RN, followed in her footsteps. She worked with her mother for 12 years, and now serves as a nurse clinician in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Kerrie's daughter, Meghan, is now in nursing school while working as a patient care associate at Albany Med. Meghan made her decision to go in to nursing as a teenager because of her mother and grandmother. Watch these three women explain why they chose Albany Med, and reflect on the combined 50 years of experience they have dedicated to our patients.