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Doctor's Day 2016

Albany Med is proud to share the stories of patients' life-changing experiences, in their own words, as a result of the exceptional care they received from Albany Med physicians.

Honor Your Doctor
Hear How Albany Med Doctors Have Changed Patients' Lives

Dr. TranDr. PatelEach day, Albany Medical Center physicians provide exceptional and compassionate care to patients from all over New York State, and beyond. With a physician practice of more than 450 doctors, the largest in the Capital Region, Albany Med provides the highest level of patient care across many disciplines – making a difference in many people’s lives.

Honor Your Doctor Video Testimonials

 Joseph Mammola

"Dr. Lee's staff was available any time of the day or night when I needed to call them, or needed help or support from them."

- Marilyn Mammola, wife of cardiac surgery patient, Joseph Mammola, offering a family member's view of the support received during her husband's treatment while a patient of Albany Med.


Click here to read more and view a video about the dedicated team who provided Joseph's care.

 Mary Carey

"I've never met such caring and compassionate people who were amazing at the work they did -- and do on a daily basis. They could have easily treated me as just another number. They treated me as a person who mattered."

- Mary Carey, neurosurgery patient, recounting the compassion she felt throughout the course of her care at Albany Med.


Click here to read more and view a video about the caring treatment Mary received.

 Ralph Erenzo

"What we watched was a confident, deliberate approach to treatment. The boldness of the doctors, in the sense that they were willing to take a chance, gave us confidence. It helped us to be stronger."

- Ralph Erenzo, trauma surgery patient, expressing how Albany Med's care team inspired confidence and resolve in himself and his wife.


Click here to read more and view a video about the approach to care Ralph experienced.

From the Albany Med Facebook and Twitter Pages

Dr. BennettFrom a story about Dr. Bennett:

"Dr. Bennett was able to repair my heart valve without cutting open my chest again. He is a great surgeon and a very nice doctor. He explains everything to you and answers your questions."

From a story about Albany Med's nationally recognized cardiovascular services program:

"Dr. Miller and staff at Albany Med took great care of my husband after his MI and bypass surgery! There is no other place in the area we would turn to then Albany Med!"

"Thanks AMC... Dr. Bennett, Dr. Delago and all of the staff, my husband is feeling great! Knowledge and care is superior!" 

"NeurosurgeonDr. Junichi Yamamoto is an amazing, talented human being. My life laid in his hands and am standing tall.  My second home is Albany Med."

"God, Dr. Darling and the Albany Med team are why I'm still here today. God Bless them all."

Drs. Britton and Devejian"This is where I want to be when I'm sick. Love Dr. Britton and all the nurses and staff. What a wonderful, caring job they do!!"

From a story about the Carpentieri family:

"Dr. Devejian is my little niece's hero too!!! He's a testament to the dedication, grueling schedules, love and compassion of so many of those in the medical community who are devoted helpers!! Thanks!!"

"Dr. Devejian is the best! He saved my little girl."

"Albany med has the Best DOCTORS."

Thoracic docs

From a story about Albany Med's cardiovascular program:

"I had open heart surgery in 2005, Dr. Britton and his team are awesome!"

"Great Team! Dr. Tan and Dr. Philbin are top notch."

"I am alive because of Dr. Stuart Miller and the great people at AMC."

"They are the best!! Dr. Britton and Dr. Delago are the greatest."

"Dr. Akujuo and Dr. Poli are rock stars!!"

"The best!!! Especially Dr. Mookherjee!!"

Dr. Akujo

Dr. PilitsisFrom a story about a innovative implant to address chronic pain:

"Dr. Pilitsis is amazing. She implanted a neurostimulator in my spine in 2013 it has worked so well for pain control I have from a neuroma on my side. I spent over a year in extreme pain that nothing I did helped. I was blessed the day I met Dr. Pililtsis, less than a month later she did the surgery and I've lived pain free from the neuroma since."

From a story asking Albany Med patients to honor their doctors:

"Dr. Adamo! One of the best doctors I have ever met. He is so compassionate and has a wonderful bedside manner. My son adores him!"

"Dr. Jason Mouzakes, is a beyond gifted pediatric ENT surgeon. We first met him when our son (8 weeks old recovering from severe RSV) was transferred from our local hospital in respiratory distress (2 hours away). Now we were in a new hospital where we didn't know anyone. Dr. Jason was assigned to our son. Long story, short, he saved my son's life. Dr. Dr. LeeJason reconstructed his airway using cartilage from his ear and placing it in his airway. He is exceptionally talented as a doctor, but his bedside manner is an equal match. He listens, educates and informs, while showing compassion."

"Dr. Allen Carl did my back surgery 16 years ago. I am forever grateful. He helped me through a horrific time in my life. I went from having a chance of not being able to live a normal life such as walking and having children to 16 years later having been blessed with three beautiful children and another one due in August. If it wasn't for his persistence I would not be where I am today. Pain free 95% of the time and I owe it all to him and his caring staff. Thank you for allowing me to live a normal life. I am forever grateful."

"Dr. Samelson, the high-risk OB/GYN department and the amazing nurses in the Apheresis department who helped me have my healthy miracle babies as I battled against a blood platelet disorder (NAIT). Also the NICU doctors and nurses that helped my first-born son, who's blood platelets were dangerously low at birth. I can't thank them all enough!"

"Dr. Yamamoto saved my son's life. A year and two brain surgeries later, we're awaiting his 21st birthday in August. So far, he's happy, healthy, and working on a music career. Thank you Dr. Yamamoto and your fabulous team."

"Dr. Jennifer Pearce and the pediatric hematology/oncology team. 27 years ago she treated my son, who was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of two. I thank God and the whole team every day for having him here with us. He will only trust Albany Med for his medical care."

"Thank you Dr. Nigam and the staff for saving my daughter."

Dr. Riddick"Dr. Linda Riddick from pediatric endocrinology! She has treated my son with CAH since he was nine days old. He is now seven and still enjoys his visits every three months with her. She is ALWAYS there when we need her, especially when this mom is in panic mode. We are forever grateful for her knowledge of his condition and the loving care she continues to give. We Love You."

"Dr. Barry Kogan is a fantastic doctor. We met him after my five week preemie was airlifted to Albany Med. She had kidney reflux and was septic. He treated her at Albany Med then followed her health until she was 18 months old. He did surgery to correct this problem. I was always impressed by, not only his exceptional medical skills, but his compassion, and accessibility when you had a question. He made a scary time for us much more tolerable! Now my daughter is a very healthy six year old."

"Dr.  David Chismark saved my life a year ago. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. I can never thank him enough!! My major surgery was a year ago, March 17, for rectal cancer and so far so good. He got everything and I'm now going through preventative chemo to clean everything up. His personality and compassion can't be beat. Thank You Dr. Chismark!"

"So many doctors and specialist basically raised my son from the dead after a car accident. The care in the PICU was beyond compare, and the neuro specialists were world class. A special thank you to Dr. Argoff for his wonderful care with my son. Dr. Argoff is the best of the best!"