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Celebrating Albany Med Doctors
In the spirit of National Doctors’ Day, patients are celebrating the outstanding care they received from Albany Med doctors.
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Hear How Albany Med Doctors Have Changed Patients' Lives

Each day, Albany Medical Center physicians provide exceptional and compassionate care to patients from all over New York State, and beyond. With a physician practice of more than 450 doctors, the largest in the Capital Region, Albany Med provides the highest level of patient care across many disciplines – making a difference in many people’s lives. Albany Med is proud to share the stories of patients’ life-changing experiences, in their own words, as a result of the exceptional care they received from Albany Med physicians.

Grateful Patients

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From Albany Med's Facebook and Twitter Pages:

“Albany Medical Center will always be my hospital of choice.”

"Dr. Edward Lee saved my life eight years ago! Thanks to Dr. Lee, I can still do things with my husband of 46 years and my children and grandchildren, and still be an active member of my community!"



"My pediatric oncologist, Dr. Jennifer Pearce, is truly amazing. It's because of her that I'm alive today."

"Dr. Valerian great man, and excellent surgeon."  

"I praise Dr. Porter, Dr. Pearce and Dr. Adamo! They were amazing throughout our five-month journey with my son. They were very thorough and honest about his diagnosis giving us 6-12 months. They supported us, talked to to us, comforted us, explained everything to us, and Dr. Porter and Dr. Pearce even cried with us during our journey and at the end. Thank you for being truly amazing doctors. We will never forget you! I also praise all of their staff! They are amazing, as well!"

"Dr. Jason Cohen, an Albany Med ER physician, was the only doctor that was knowledgeable about carcinoid tumors and carcinoid syndrome after I had been in and out of various ERs with flushing (high blood pressure, tachycardia and bronchial constriction). He gave me the medicine I needed to ease my discomfort until I could see a carcinoid specialist and, ultimately, have the carcinoid tumor removed."

"Dr. Adamo, neurosurgeon, is excellent. He was so caring and understanding with my granddaughter. He has such a great bedside manner and answers any and all questions you have."



"Dr. Jon Rosen. I haven't met a more caring physician. He treats each patient like they were his only. He helped me in so many ways as well as prepared me for the future. Thank you for keeping me as healthy as possible."

“I haven’t met a more caring physician.”

"So many doctors have been amazing from observation to ob/gyn to labor and delivery to the OR to the post partum to the NICU. I couldn't ask for better care. Thank you all so much for everything you do."


"Albany Med truly saved my Mom's life! I can't begin to thank them."

"Dr. Thomas Smith is the best, hands down."

"Dr. Wymer is the best and an excellent physician!"

“I couldn’t ask for better care.”

"Dr. Powers is extraordinarily and great! She has seen my son since he was two. She will call us herself for results. She even called when out of work to check of my son. She has referred us to other doctors when the issue rose with my son. She is one of the reasons why we found out my son’s mito diagnosis because she started putting pieces of medical information together to know we had an issue that needed solving. She is great!!!"

"Dr. Cary Qualia is awesome. He makes my kids feel comfortable. He talks with us after any procedure outside of a scheduled appointment. He remembers my children and says “hi” and asks us how they are!! He will arrange schedule if my child needs to be seen sooner! He is awesome!"

"Love to Dr. Joann Porter for her 16 plus years of caring. Thank you!" 






"Dr. Edward Lee and his WOC Nursing Staff are amazing people. They saved my life in 2001.  Dr. Lee also received the Doctor of the Year Award in 2001 through the Crohns & Colidice Foundation."

"Dr. Adamo! He is my daughter’s neurosurgeon. He always answers all of our questions, explains things very well and takes amazingly good care of my daughter. Scheduled appointments or urgent ones, he has always gone above and beyond. He has helped her beat the odds!"

"Dr. Anne Nepo with Oncology at the Melodies Center at Albany Med will always have a special place in our hearts. Her quick response, dedication, love and care with our son has truly helped him through his 3 1/2 year treatment plan. He will finish his last treatment in July. Thank you, Dr. Nepo!"

"Dr. Paul Burcher, the NICU staff and all the nurses…my son was six weeks early and they all were the best! I just can't say enough."

“They saved my life...”

"Dr. Todd Beyer did my thyroid removal about six years ago and was amazing! You can barely see the scar on my neck from surgery. He was knowledgeable, answered every question, and took excellent care of me."


"Dr. Conti and Dr. Beegle have all played a part in why I'm still here today. God Bless them all, not to mention all of the Albany Med nurse's – especially those on C3E."

“…16 plus years of caring…”

"Drs. Anthony Ritaccio, L.F.Cavaliere, and Darryl DiRisio have been a great help to me on several levels. Their expertise, as well as genuine compassion, is greatly appreciated."


“…she gave us more time with our beloved son.”

"Todd Beyer did my total thyroidectomy which turned out to be more complicated than originally thought. Dr. Cary Qualia regrouped like a pro when my teen’s endoscopy found polyps and needed immediate surgery. He pulled a team together and helped a frightened mom through it all."


"Love Dr. Rebecca Butterfield!"

"Dr. Allen Carl, the best orthopedic surgeon I know, fixed my L2burst and gave me a 50/50 chance on walking again. With a lot of will power I walked again. Thank you Dr. Carl."

“I just can’t say enough.”

"Dr. Martha Lepow is the miracle woman there. I could go on and on about the amazing things she's done. The several times that we were in route there she would be due to get off from duties but would remain there to wait for us to get there. She is not your average doctor, she works pediatric infectious disease. She has been around for years. Dr. Lepow also educates our future doctors. Dr. Lepow helped my son to fight the MRSA infection he had in his ear. It almost cost him his life. She's a lifesaver in more ways than one. Any patient there gets treated like family. What an amazing doctor, teacher, inventor, and idol."

"Dr. Nigam! He's the best!!" 

“God bless them all…”

"Dr. Karen Powers (pediatric neurologist) is an amazing doctor. Last January my son was in PICU for a week with seizures that wouldn't stop. They were so bad he had to be put on a ventilator. Doctor Powers knew when to say "there's nothing more we can do here" and had us transferred to Boston Children's Hospital. That decision saved my son's life. We spent four weeks at the Children's Hospital and they put him on the Ketogenic Diet. He has only had two seizures in the last year and has made a lot of progress developmentally. Something else I will never forget is the night before my son was transferred she came to PICU to see him and I was at his bedside crying. She gave me a hug and cried with me and said how lucky my son was to have me in his life. She was able to lift me up in a moment that I was feeling totally helpless. Dr. Powers is a wonderful doctor who genuinely cares about her patients and their families. We will be forever grateful to her!"

"Dr. Yamamoto found out what was wrong with me placing by placing a shunt in my head. A year later Dr. German found out I had a charie malformation and performed the operations so I wouldn't be paralyzed."

“I’ve never met such caring and compassionate people…”

"We would recommend pediatric surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Renaud. She’s only been with Albany Med since last August and is amazing. She performed a lobectomy three weeks ago and can't thank her enough. We will never forget."


"We send love and respect to Dr. Porter and all the staff from pediatric hematology and oncology."  

"I would love to say “Thank you” to all of the NICU nurses and doctors who took care of my son in 1997...

“Any patient there gets treated like family.”

He was brought to Albany Medical Center and he spent his first two weeks in the NICU there. I was very, very, scared. The doctors and nurses who worked with my baby did one amazing job and the knowledge that they all have is incredible. My son is 17-years old today because of the knowledge of all of the staff and doctors who are working very hard each day to take care of very small premature babies. God bless you all and I thank you all so very much for taking care of my son. Continue the work that you all are doing."

"Dr. Jessie Block-Galarza, Dr. Beyer, Dr. Thomas Smith and Dr. Backhos. Thyroid, breast, lung and thoracic all have kept me going!"

"I love Dr. Porter. She is amazing and has been an amazing doctor for my son who had cancer at 22 months. He is now 18 and doing great ...thank you!"

"Dr. Donna Pietrocola, thank you for helping me get through these past five years."

"Dr. Miller performed a double bypass surgery and saved my mother’s life. If it weren't for him she wouldn't be here today. I can’t thank that man enough."

"Dr. Neil Devejian works miracles."





"Thank you Dr. Porter! My grandson is here today because of you! Thank you, thank you! XOXO."

“She gave me a hug and cried with me…”

"Dr. Mouzakes completed my son's thyroglossal duct cyst surgery and I'm grateful for him, his team of ENTs, and the anesthesiologists who saw my son through what could have been a scary experience, but wasn't. Also, our previous hospital stay (slaying infection in the cyst), and this one (post-op) had us in the Children's Hospital, where Dr. Nagle and his team take excellent care of the little ones on D7. Our experience at Albany Medical Center (all three times!) was marked by excellent doctors and I have the utmost respect for the work they do!"

"Drs. Melissa Ehlers and Laura Leduc are amazing anesthesiologists."

“…thank you for helping me get through…”

"I don't know if you have space enough for the praises I sing for Dr. T. Paul Singh. He performed my roux-en-y gastric bypass in 2003. Complications arose soon after (bad luck of the draw) and he saved my life. He became a good friend in the process over the course of the years. Then, I developed other issues. The pouch was leaking. In August 2013, he went back in and revised the surgery. Again, through issues and complications, he saw me through to a wonderful outcome. I adore the man, and he knows it."

"Dr. Joanne Porter was wonderful with our son. She did a great job with his care and cares about her patients. She spends endless hours at the hospital and really listens to her patients and their families. While she couldn’t save his life after three years of chemo, she gave us more time with our beloved son."

"Neil Devejian saved my baby's life. Enough said."

“My grandson is here today because of you!”

"I was brought in on the morning of Sept 8, 2014, five days before my 45th birthday. I had a stroke. The wonderful team of doctors in the emergency room quickly assessed the situation by running some tests. Dr. Boulos decided I would be a good candidate for a fairly new procedure to break up the clot in my right frontal lobe. It worked. It saved my life. I will be forever grateful to him and the team of doctors and nurses in Neurosurgery. While I am not back to normal, I am much better off than I would have been, either paralyzed or dead!"

"Dr. Ed Lee operated on me last year. He was awesome, as was his entire staff and residents. I made a very speedy recovery."

"She spends endless hours at the hospital and really listens…”

"Dr. Collea got me through a tough breast cancer journey and was so supportive to me during the times when I was most scared and tried not to show it. He is an amazing doctor."


"Thank you Dr. Boulos for saving my life! Also, to all the doctors in neurology -- you are the best!"

“You are all simply the best!”

"Dr. Whyte! She was a godsend when my son was diagnosed with Hirschprungs Disease right after he was born and needed surgery when he was only a week old. She is the best!"

"Dr. Manish Mehta saved my life five years ago and will do at least one more surgery, maybe more, in the next year."





“…works miracles.”

"Dr. Nagle and his team took care of my son in the Children's Hospital and we are grateful for his professionalism. He communicated his concerns, sat down with us and discussed my son's case, and involved us in his care, ensuring that we felt confident in each decision we made together on my son's behalf. Thank you, Dr. Nagle!"

"Dr. Mohammad El-Hajjar, cardiologist par excellence… He is a caring professional, an expert without doubt, a listener and, above all else, a doctor I trust and this isn't an easy thing to earn from me."

"Kudos to all the wonderful doctors at Albany Medical Center. Albany Med is blessed. “Thank you” to you all, especially the ED doctors who often lead people to all the right doctors."

“…the staff at Albany Med was unbelievable to me and my family.”

"Drs. Sandison, Fitzpatrick, Benjamin, Fabian, Stain, and Beegle all have provided me with caring and timely help. Being a patient can be overwhelming, but having attentive and competent physicians makes the experience bearable. Needless to add, the nursing staffs who complete these teams of service is also key."

"My husband always had excellent care for many trips at Albany Med."

"Dr. Pearce!! She's the most compassionate and friendly doctor we have ever met."





"There were so many Albany Med doctors who were my heroes over the years…"

“There were so many Albany Med doctors who were my heroes over the years…”
"Thank you to the entire PICU unit! You guys simply are the best…Your teamwork, amazing care and love was so appreciated. You all know how much you mean to my family! THANK YOU for everything you do every day. YOU are all simply the best!"


"Dr. Porter is in the picture. What an awesome doctor she is."

"Dr. Bonville and Dr. Bakhos save my husband. Can't thank them enough."






"Dr. Porter is the best!"

"The PICU docs? Quintessential. Professional.  Caring.  Flexible. I miss working with them. They are a Godsend. Any infant or child cared for by the PICU have the best of the best!"


From Various Correspondences:

“I am forever grateful.”

"Dr. Trish Pelnik-Fecko has been our family doctor for several years. My two sons, husband and I are so fortunate to have such a wonderful doctor. No matter how big or small the reason for our visit, she is always thorough and explains everything "in English." One example of Dr. Pelnik-Fecko’s dedication to her patients...we went on a Carribean cruise and at the time our youngest son was eight months old. While on vacation he became very ill. As soon as we could see our port in NYC, we called and spoke with Dr. Pelnik-Fecko (very early on a Saturday morning) and she gave us advice and called ahead to an emergency room so we could be seen right away. Dr. Pelnik-Fecko is our "anchor" and we couldn't imagine having any other physician take care of us!"

"I recently just had a CT scan follow up with Dr. Alan Boulos. All was well thanks to him and his team who saved my life one Christmas ten years ago. I went to Albany Medical Center the day after Christmas with a massive headache, vomiting, dizziness, and severe neck ache thinking it was the flu. After an angiogram and a few other tests, it was found that I had a brain aneurysm on my carotid artery which ruptured twice. I was then admitted and had brain surgery two days later. I ended up beingin the hospital for two weeks due to complications from the surgery. The night of the surgery and days after, everyone thought I wasn't going to make it. My husband, children, and other family were told to prepare for the worst. Suddenly, after many days of being hooked up to machines, tubes, wires, etc. I started to come around. Dr. Alan Boulos and his dynamic team of neurosurgeons did not give up on me. I went through every complication imaginable and I ended up fighting my way back. Throughout my stay, from the time I literally walked through the emergency room doors until the time they wheeled me out, the staff at Albany Medical Center were unbelievable to me and my family. I've never met such caring and compassionate people who were amazing at the work they did and do  on a daily basis. It took almost a year for me to completely recover but I did it. I would not have had that chance to go home to see my husband and children if it wasn't for Dr. Boulos. I'll never forget the morning I went in to surgery. I cried and said please let me see my children again and he said you do your part and we'll do our part. I'll never forget this experience my family and I went through. Not many people who went through what I did, make a full recovery, let alone survive. I hope whoever reads this understands the care and the quality of the medical staff that work at Albany Medical Center and whoever has gone through a traumatic experience need to know there is a light at the end that will guide you, care for you, and assist you. That light for me was Dr. Alan Boulos, the medical staff, and my family; I am forever grateful. Albany Medical Center will always be my hospital of choice."