A Lifeline for Our Patients - Margie Rotchford

Back to On-the-Go Lifestyle, Thanks to Albany Med

Margie Rotchford of Saratoga Springs is back at Pilates class just weeks after her hip surgery.
Margie Rotchford chose Albany Medical Center for a highly specialized hip replacement procedure, but she left with more — a new understanding of Albany Med.

Albany Med’s Jared Roberts, MD, ’05, performed the surgery using the anterior hip replacement technique that he was the first to bring to Albany Med in 2011. The muscle-sparing approach allows for a quicker recovery period.

“At first, I thought about going to New York City for the surgery,” said Rotchford of Saratoga Springs. “But with Dr. Roberts’ expertise and my friends and family here, Albany Med was the right choice. It’s been great.”
Six weeks after surgery, she returned to her “on-the-go” lifestyle — back at exercise class and looking forward to playing tennis in the spring.

After an innovative procedure to repair her hip, Margie Rotchford is returning to her active lifestyle.

Thrilled with the outcome, she was equally happy with the new patient-centered rooms in the Patient Pavilion.
“Everybody in this hospital has been so nice,” she said while recuperating a day after the surgery.

"I’ve been in many hospitals, but I’ve never seen anything like this. To me it is the Four Seasons of hospitals,” she said. “The room is huge and beautiful. If my husband wants to stay, the couch becomes a bed. The recliner is comfortable, the staff so friendly and welcoming. I couldn’t be happier.

“I had fun while I was in the hospital.  Can you believe that?”

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