Our Donor Stories - The Sliter Family Gift

A Gift from Three Thankful Sisters

Doctors at Albany Med gave the Sliter sisters of Troy the most valuable gift ever – more time with their brother.

Because of that, Beverly Ann, Lorraine and Elizabeth Sliter made a gift of their own—a $25,000 donation to the Albany Med Cardiac Care Unit Fund in honor of the doctors, nurses and staff who saved their brother Chuck’s life.

The Sliter sisters call their brother Chuck "the best brother - hardworking and generous." In his memory, they made a gift to Albany Med's Cardiac Care Unit Fund.

“They were so wonderful to Chuck – and to us,” Beverly Ann recalled. “They kept us apprised of everything,“ she said remembering the snowy day in February 2011, when Chuck Sliter, suffering from congestive heart failure and struggling mightily to breathe, was rushed to Albany Med.

Every day during his four- week stay, one of his sisters was by his side.

“He was the best brother -- hardworking and generous,” Lorraine said.

With the assistance of the Albany Med team and a pacemaker, Chuck regained his strength and returned home to his farm, workshop and tractor -- and his dear sisters. While cancer ultimately took Chuck’s life at age 77, his sisters cherish the extra time they were given with their brother.

Members of Albany Med's Cardiac Care team.
Members of Albany Med's Cardiac Care Unit during a ceremony recognizing the Sliters' gift.
The cardiac care team, including Drs. James O'Brien, Mark Tallman and Martin Echt, as well as the nurses and staff of the coronary care, cardiac cath/electrophysiology labs, medical cardiology and post-cardiothoracic surgery units were recognized at a recent ceremony, when each unit was presented with a special plaque bearing Chuck Sliter’s name.

“Chuck mentioned several times that he got his life back – and we got our brother back,” Beverly Ann said. “We think he’d be pleased we made this gift in his name; we really do.”

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