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Charles R. Wood Foundation Gift Helps Albany Med's Tiniest Patients

It was the tiniest little smile, but it was there for certain. J.P. Woodley, all snuggled up and warm, must have been having a pleasant dream. Nearby, his mom Michelle watched and waited for her newborn son to awake so she could pick him up - - a contrast to just a few weeks prior, when all she could do was watch.

“His skin was like paper… paper thin,” she remembers. “I was scared to even touch him.”

Even then, she knew he was safe, cocooned in a Giraffe bed at Albany Med’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The long-necked, high-tech bed was a sanctuary for J.P. and premature babies just like him. These tiny patients can be monitored, kept warm, and undergo any necessary surgery all in the same place. It’s safer and easier for a family to spend time with their baby.

Charles R. Wood in Albany Med's NICU - Circa 1992
Charles R. Wood in Albany Med's neonatal intensive care unit, circa 1992.
Giraffe beds are a critical tool when it comes to taking care of our smallest patients. The Charles R. Wood Foundation is offering to help our herd of Giraffes grow as the NICU expands into the new Patient Pavilion. The Lake George-area foundation, established to support programs for children and health care, recently made a $250,000 gift to benefit our new NICU. If other donors combine to match that gift, the Wood Foundation will add an additional $250,000 donation, resulting in $750,000 in total gifts for the new NICU.

Partners like the Charles R. Wood Foundation play an important role supporting what the doctors, nurses and staff of Albany Med’s NICU do every day to provide expert and compassionate care for babies who sometimes are so small they would fit in the palm of your hand. The gift from the Charles R. Wood Foundation not only generously supports our mission, it also challenges other businesses to share their vision when it comes to providing for the children of northeastern New York and western New England.

J.P. Woodley was less than a pound and a half when he was born. The six-month-old has grown to more than 12 pounds. He’s starting to make cooing noises, and when he smiles, now, so does his mom.

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