Emergency Transportation

Albany Med’s emergency transportation services work with our health care and EMS partners to ensure care is continued en route to our hospital.

Upon request, our Access Center is able to initiate Life Net air transport services for patients, the region's only air transport. The EC135, part of the new generation of twin-engine EMS helicopters, is designed exclusively for emergency medical transport. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to transport seriously ill or injured residents of northeastern New York to Albany Med. Features include:

  • Unique four-blade rotor and closed rear tail rotor technology, making the EC135 the quietest helicopter in its class.
  • Glass cockpit, providing quicker cognitive definition when flying and approaching the scene of an emergency.
  • Rear loading, which provides smoother loading for patients and safer and easier handling for medical crew.

Pediatric Transport
For young patients not needing air transport, transport is provided by one of two dedicated pediatric ambulances and is accompanied by specially trained pediatric nurses and respiratory therapists from Albany Med who are able to provide the advanced care often required during transfer to our Children’s Hospital.

Ambulance #29
Mohawk Ambulance's Ambulance #29 provides ready access to the most advanced medical technology available for the staff of the Children's Hospital as they transport the region's most critically ill infants and children. The only vehicle in the region - and one of only a handful in the country - Ambulance #29 is designed exclusively for infants and pediatric patients.

The larger ambulance allows for faster and safer transport, and provides more space for Albany Med's transport teams to work within. And unlike most ambulances, the new ambulance can also safely accommodate the transport of twins.