Our Team

Our ability to serve you and the needs of your patients begins with our Access Center (formerly known as the Transfer Center). The Access Center is staffed round-the-clock with RNs, LPNs, access associates and a Nursing Supervisor—all of whom understand the complexities of care, can determine bed availability in real-time, and swiftly and safely facilitate patient transfers.

To better serve you, the Access Center team has our physicians’ schedules and contact numbers readily available, so they can reach physicians quickly and give you the information you need to know prior to transfer. Additionally,  our team will assist you in handling all of the details related to the transfer—whether it be admitting patients to the emergency room or directly to an inpatient unit.

More importantly, in the days following the transfer you will receive a letter from Albany Medical Center and a clinical summary of the care rendered to your patient for your review and records.