Off Campus Electives

I. Electives Off-Campus

"Off-campus" electives include all out-of-town programs not officially affiliated with the Albany Medical College. To be eligible to go "off-campus" for an elective period, a student must have completed required make-up work and be in good academic standing (not on academic warning or any form of probation). If you have any questions about your plans or qualifications, seek the advice of your Advising Dean or the Office of Student Records before you initiate arrangements. NOTE: For students taking international electives, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the grading form from the Office of Student Records PRIOR to leaving, and it is the student’s responsibility to return the grading from to the Office of Student Records at the conclusion of the elective.

II. Sources of Information About Off-Campus Electives

  • Albany Medical College department chairs and division heads can suggest outstanding individuals or programs in their specialty at other institutions.
  • Electives Catalogs from other teaching institutions are "bookmarked’ on the computers in the Student Computer Lab.
III. Procedure for Arranging Off-Campus Electives
  • Follow the application process of the off-campus institution/facility. This may include obtaining verification of enrollment and letter of good standing from the Office of Academic Affairs and health information from the Office of Student Affairs.
  • When written confirmation of the elective is received, bring a copy to the Office of Student Records. The confirmation letter needs to include starting and ending dates, a detailed description of the elective, a current CV of the preceptor (if not at a teaching institution) and the name, address, and phone number of a contact person at the elective site.
  • If you have provided all the necessary information, the Office of Student Records will stamp the confirmation letter. The corresponding department chair signs it and your signed confirmation is returned to the Office of Student Records for final approval from the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs. FINAL APPROVAL IS NECESSARY FOR FOURTH YEAR CREDIT. APPROVAL MUST BE COMPLETED AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS PRIOR TO START OF ELECTIVE.
IV. General Information
  • Students will be covered by AMC malpractice insurance while they are away.
  • Students must maintain adequate health insurance while away.
  • The Office of Student Records will mail an evaluation directly to your elective site during your rotation, with the exception of international electives. Students must pick up evaluations for international electives prior to leaving and bring the completed evaluation to Student Records at the conclusion of the elective.
  • It is suggested that you begin paperwork at least 12 to 14 weeks prior to the start of the elective.