Employment Opportunities

Extracurricular employment helps medical students contribute to the cost of their education. Before undertaking any employment, the student should be certain of their ability to master school work. Albany Medical College will assist students in locating employment opportunities; positions are available in the Blood Bank, clinical laboratories, X-ray department and Emergency Room. This type of work complements the knowledge obtained in medical school and can be a valuable experience. Most of these opportunities are supported by the Federal Work-Study Program.

Federal Work-Study Program
Albany Medical College receives federal funding to conduct a work-study program providing part-time employment to eligible students. Work-study employment pays $9.50 per hour. Earnings are not considered income in terms of future financial aid eligibility. If you are interested in FWS, you should indicate on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (www.fafsa.ed.gov) that you wish to apply for work-study and you must also contact the Financial Aid Office (FinAid@mail.amc.edu / 518.262.5435) and request to be considered for a work-study assignment.

Summer Fellowships
A variety of summer research and clinical fellowships are available to medical students. Upon review and approval of applications by the Medical Student Summer Fellowship Committee, fellowships are awarded to select students enabling them to undertake experimental investigations and special clinical studies during the summer recess under the guidance of a faculty member. Occasionally, these fellowships are also available for exceptional students for research endeavors while school is in progress.In the past, funding for summer fellowships has been provided by the American Cancer Society, the National Institutes of Health, March of Dimes and other memorial and grant sources. Additional information regarding fellowship opportunities for medical students may be obtained from the Medical Student Summer Fellowship Committee at the College.