Message from the Chairman

Gary Siskin, MD

Welcome to Albany Medical Center and thank you for taking the time to learn about our residency program in Diagnostic Radiology.

As you travel around the country seeking positions in Radiology, you may already have preconceived ideas about Radiology training programs. Perhaps you are thinking that a university program is going to provide you with a research-based experience highlighting everything that is new about Radiology or that a community program is going to provide you with high-volume, clinically based training focused on what radiology is “really all about.” Maybe you are thinking that university-based physicians are about academics with time to teach the multitude of facts we all associate with Radiology whereas private practice physicians are about clinical productivity with an ability to pass along the pearls needed to get through day-to-day practice. While some of these “stereotypes” may be true, we hope that you are thinking that it may be possible to have everything, because that is how we think here in Albany.

For several years, our mission here at Albany Medical Center has been to challenge these preconceived ideas and to come up with a system that is both unique and effective. Our diverse faculty has combined a desire to teach, a commitment to research, and a reputation for providing high-quality clinical service, which has allowed us to take the best that academic and community-based practices have to offer and wrap them into a Department that exceeds expectations in the worlds of both clinical and academic Radiology. Over time, we have developed a structure to our program that meets the educational and clinical expectations of our residents while maintaining the flexibility that is necessary to meet the diverse needs of individuals trying to master a rapidly changing field. As a result, we are all proud to be part of a system that affords our residents the opportunity to succeed academically through exposure to the many different aspects of contemporary radiology practice. Ultimately, this has prepared our residents well for their careers and has given them the confidence to succeed once they leave our program.

We wish all of you the best of luck as you enter the exciting and challenging field of Radiology. Of course, if you have questions at any time about our program, I hope that you will feel free to contact me.


Gary Siskin, MD
Professor and Chairman
Department of Radiology 

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