Our Resident Alumni

Our Resident Alumni

Beyond Albany Med
The knowledge, skills and experience gained at Albany Medical Center serve our alumni everyday as they build and grow their noted careers.


Class of 2015

From L. to R. Michael Gruenthal, MD, PhD (Chair), Warren Zeigler, DO, Shawna O'Reilly, DO, Yefim Cavalier, DO, Laura Risley, MD, Colum Amory, MD, MPH (Program Director)


Shawna O'Reilly, DO
Fellowship - Behavioral Neurology, Albany Medical Center (2015-2016)
Fellowship - Palliative Care, U. Michigan

Laura Risley, MD
Fellowship -Vascular Neurology, Albany Medical Center

Yefim Yushvayev-Cavalier, DO
Hospitalist - Winthrop Hospital, Mineola, NY

Warren Zeigler Jr. DO
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology - NYU Medical Center

Class of 2014

Hami Ramani, DO
Fellowship- Vascular Neurology, UC San Diego

Olha Taraschenko, MD, PhD
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology, Emory University

Fumin Tong, MD, PhD
Fellowship- Clinical Neurophysiology
Wake Forest University

Katie Warren, DO
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology,University of Buffalo

Class of 2013

Amber Mitchell, MD
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology, Albany Medical Center

Harsha Nagaraja, MD
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology, University of Virginia

Chrystal Reed, MD, PhD
Fellowship - Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology, UCLA

Xiangping Zhou, MD, PhD
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology, NIH/NINDS

Class of 2012

Kelly Donnelly, DO
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology, Albany Medical Center

Manpreet Kaur, MD
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology, NYU Medical Center

Richard Monroe, MD, PhD
Fellowship - Dementia, Samuel S. Stratton VA Medical Center

Kathleen Ward, DO
Fellowship - Vascular Neurology, Albany Medical Center


Class of 2011


Ryan Gianatasio  Ayman Ibrahim  Huijun Wang  Rohit Marawar  Rekha Gandhi

From L. to R.: Ryan Gianatasio, Ayman Ibrahim, Huijun Wang, Rohit Marawar, Rekha Gandhi

Rekha Gandhi, MD
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology,Albany Medical College

Ryan Gianatasio, MD
Fellowship- Vascular Neurology, Albany Medical College

Ayman Ibrahim, DO
Private Practice, Indiana University Health

Rohit Marawar, MD
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology, UCLA Medical Center

Huijun Wang, MD, PhD
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology, Montefiore Medical Center

Class of 2010

Joy Meng, MD
Fellowship- Sleep Medicine, Stanford University

Cathy Sims-O'Neil, DO
Fellowship, Neurocardiology & Autonomic Disorders, NIH

Konstantin Timofeev, MD
Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship, Albany Medical College


Class of 2009

Olivia Coiculescu, MD, PhD
Private Practice, Glascow, KY

Rose Domingo, MD
Neuromuscular Fellowship,Cleveland Clinic

Shankar Perumal, MD
Epilepsy Fellowship, Wake Forest University School of Medicine


Class of 2008

Bridget Frawley, MD
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology, Albany Medical College

Scott Newsome, DO
Fellowship - Neuroimmunology, Johns Hopkins University

Stanley Penc, MD, PhD
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology, Upstate Medical University

Scott Newsome  Bridget Frawley  Stan PencFrom L to R:  Scott Newsome, Bridget Frawley, Stan Penc


Class of 2007

Anitha Abraham, MD
Fellowship - Vascular Neurology,  University of Texas Health Sciences Center

Adel Boulos, MD
Fellowship - Neuroimaging, Drexel University, Philadelphia PA

Eli Neiman, DO
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale AZ

Jianhui Zhang, MD
Fellowship - Clinical Neurophysiology, Dartmouth University, Hanover, NH