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Internal Medicine / Pediatrics

Our Alumni

Class of 2013
Desmond Francis, MD - Primary Care, Rome, NY
Debra Light, MD - Primary Care Sports Med, Albany Medical College
Andrea Teague, MD - Hematology/Oncology Fellowship, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Class of 2012
Latia Holder, DO - Primary Care, Charlotte, SC
Jaison Jose, DO - Primary Care, Plainsboro, NJ
Jessica Kumar, DO, MPH - Infectious Disease Fellowship, Cleveland, OH
H. Alex Nagle, MD - Med/Peds Hospitalist, Albany, NY 

Class of 2011
Imran Asad, MD - Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship, Cleveland, OH
Peter J. Miller, MD - Heme/Onc Fellowship, NC
Ravi Borra, MD - Endocrinology Fellowship, Albany, NY
Scott Merritt, MD - Hospitalist, Albany, NY 

Class of 2010
Elizabeth Cavo, MD- Prime Care, Albany, NY
Richard Kim, MD - Sports Medicine Fellowship, Albany, NY
John Osowski, MD- Hospitalist, Hartford, CT

Class of 2009
Kelli Barry, MD - Primary Care, Philadelphia, PA
Huy Nguyen, MD - Primary Care, Houston, TX
Susan Rhee, MD - Adult Infectious Disease for July 2010, Rochester, NY
Emil Thomas, MD - Hospitalist, Albany, NY

Class of 2008
Rodney Daniels, MD - Pediatric Critical Care Fellow, Cinncinati, OH
Thomas Keefe Davis, MD - Pediatric Nephrology Fellow, St. Louis, MO
Makenzie Evangelist, MD - Adult Hematology/Oncology Fellow, Memphis, TN
Tracey Jablonski, MD - Primary Care, Albany, NY

Class of 2007
Christine Hsu, MD - Pediatric Nephrology Fellow, Seattle, WA
Uzma Khan, MD - Adult Hospitalist, Boston, MA
Nancy Zeitoun, MD - Adult Hospitalist, New York, NY

Class of 2006
John Novak, MD - Primary Care, Oneonta, NY
Casey Poell, MD - Adult Hospitalist, KS

Class of 2005
Karen Berman, MD
Len Leonidas, MD - Primary Care, Albany, NY
Chris Talluto, MD - Pediatric Cardiology, Stanford, CA
Rajesh Vakani, MD - Adult Cardiology, NJ

Class of 2004
Jack Alexander, MD - Primary Care, Rochester, NY
Jennifer Lindstrom, MD - Med Peds Faculty, Albany, NY
Sulagna Mookherjee, MD - Adult Cardiology, Albany, NY
Rommel Tolentino, MD - Primary Care, Albany, NY
Robert Wang, MD - Adult Pulmonary/Critical Care, Albany, NY

Class of 2003
Mary Ellen Gallagher, MD - Primary Care, VA
Lynn Hickey, MD - Primary Care, Albany, NY
Beth Ann Jayne, MD - Primary Care, Washington DC
Hamish Kerr, MD - Sports Medicine / Program Director, Albany, NY
Mark Rasmus, MD - Adult Pulmonary/Critical Care, Boise, ID
Nasrene Yadegari, MD - Primary Care, Albany, NY