The RRC stresses the importance of a defined curriculum in both basic and clinical surgical science. Didactic sessions are provided in both areas. In addition, traditional hospital based conferences are available for resident participation. Required conferences are indicated. Attendance is mandated. Attendance will be taken at all required conferences. Absence is permitted ONLY for formal vacation time and by excuse of the Program Director.

  • Grand Rounds – is held every Thursday at 7:00 AM in ME-700. This conference will include Departmental Grand Rounds on the first Thursdays of most months, invited guests, faculty lectures, and learning sessions on elements of the competency curriculum.
  • Resident Didactic Sessions – are held from 8:00-9:00 AM in ME-700. Please consult the schedule of topics. This conference covers required topics in basic surgical biology and topics in clinical general surgery. Reading assignments will be made from standard texts and from the SCORE curriculum of the ABS. Journal Club will also be scheduled for this hour at intervals throughout the year. Please consult the teaching day schedule. It is imperative that you read the assigned material prior to the conference. The assigned material will be reviewed by discussion and the completion of a series of review questions.
  • Monday Conference - 4:00 PM in MS-316 - On alternate Mondays, residents will present interesting cases for discussion. A faculty member is assigned as mentor. Rather than a formal lecture, this should be an interactive session involving medical students and residents at all levels in a clinical discussion of an interesting disease entity and its surgical solution. This conference alternates with a Senior Review Course for PGY2-5 residents. PGY1 categorical and preliminary residents will meet on the alternate Mondays to participate in the Fundamentals of Surgery Curriculum of the ACS. These sessions begin in September. At 3:00 PM, the Chief Residents will run ABSITE review session, and in addition, during July the Chief Residents will conduct a "Nuts and Bolts" course for incoming interns.
  • Mortality and Morbidity Conference – is held at 5:00 PM each Thursday in Huyck Auditorium. Deaths and complications drawn from the previous week’s clinical activities will be reviewed. This will include all cases from AMCH. The senior resident from each service will present the significant complications and unexpected deaths occurring on the service to which he/she is assigned. Pertinent x-ray films should be provided and a power point presentation of the case should be prepared. The residents should be prepared to speak knowledgeably and succinctly on each case of significance to be discussed. The presenter must have reviewed the evidence based information available on the topic of discussion. The conference is run by the administrative chief resident and a panel of faculty that functions as a component of the Quality Assurance process for the Division of General Surgery. Each presenting resident must complete a "Practice based improvement log" available from the residency office.
  • Critical Care Course; Basic Surgery Course – A course in Surgical Critical Care is provided for all incoming and returning Junior residents. This will be held on Thursday mornings from 7:00-9:00 AM in ME-700 during July and August.
  • Trauma Conference – is conducted on a biweekly basis on the first and third Wednesday each month from 8:00-9:00 AM in ME-700. This conference involves both case presentations and didactic sessions. All residents on the Trauma Service are required to attend. All other residents are encouraged to do so, time permitting.
  • Vascular Surgery Conference – is held on a weekly basis on Friday mornings at 8:00 AM in the Radiology Education Conference Room (FB-18). This conference consists of case presentations from the VA Hospital, AMCH, and Ellis Hospital. The attending Vascular Surgeons who participate in the residency program attend. Cases are presented by the residents on Vascular Surgery and then discussed, at length, by the attendings. It is important that the residents responsible have a presentation prepared and bring all pertinent x-rays and angiograms. All residents on Vascular Surgery and all residents assigned to the VA Hospital are required to attend. All other residents are encouraged to attend, time permitting.
  •  Journal Club – The chief resident, in consultation with Dr. Carl Rosati, will choose 3 articles for discussion. These will include both basic science and clinically oriented papers. Journal Club will be held on certain Thursdays at 8:00 AM in ME-700. Please refer to the conference schedule for dates and the assigned literature topic area for consideration. During Journal Club, we will review a sample of articles from the surgical literature. In addition, we will discuss research design, statistical usage as well as critical thinking in Surgery. Journal Club is provided, in addition to, and not to replace, your reading of the mainstream surgical literature. Reading habits you develop during the residency will stay with you the rest of your professional life. Residents should review on a monthly (and timely) basis the following Surgical Peer Reviewed Journals:
    • Journal of American College of Surgeons
    • Surgery
    • Annals of Surgery
    • Archives of Surgery
    • American Journal of Surgery
  • VA Hospital – Mortality and Morbidity Conference and Grand Rounds occur on Tuesday at 7:30 AM in the 6th floor conference room. This conference is mandatory for all resident staff. Each senior resident at the VA will be expected to give one Grand Rounds Presentation during the rotation.