Fellows' Research

(First Author)
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Shawn Chaudhary, MD, Sadra Azizi, MD, Xinjun Cindy Zhu, MD. Endoscopic Treatment of Eroded Vertical Banded Gastroplasty.

Aamir Dam, MD, Marina Kim, MD, Xinjun Cindy Zhu, MD. Inflammatory Bowel Disease with Acute Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis of Skin.

Zachary Feinberg, MD, Hwa Jeong Lee, MD, Richard Blinkhorn, MD, James Wymer, MD, Xinjun Cindy Zhu, MD. Severe Colitis Induced by Rituximab.


Zachary Feinberg, MD, Christopher Ashley, MD. Risk Factors for Progression of Barrett's Esophagus Among Veterans of Veterans Integrated Service Network 2.

Mandeep Singh, MBBS, Vinay Sood, DO. An Interesting Case of Cholangiocarcinoma Masquerading as Bile Duct Stones.

Shawn Chaudhary, MD, Sadra Azizi, MD, Hubert Nietsch, MD, Vinay Sood, DO. A Series of Successful Endoscopic Closure of Iatrogenic Perforations Using the Over-The-Scope-Clip (OTSC).


Archana V. Patel, MD, David Mastrianni, MD, Catherine Bartholomew. A Rare Case of Metastic Adenocarcinoma with Signet-Ring Cells of Unknown Primary Diagnosed on a Myocardial Biopsy.

Veena Nannegari, MD Susan Samson, NP, Jesse Green, MD, David Jones, MD, Catherine Bartholomew, MD, Richard MacDermott, MD. Autoimmune Enteropathy, A Rare Cause of Intractable Diarrhea, Presenting in an 80 Year Old Man.

Archana V. Patel, MD, Pratyusha Parava, MD, Mastoora Nasiri, MD, Catherine Bartholomew, MD, Seth Richter, MD, Jesse Green, MD. A Comparison Between Bowel Prep Quality Among Patients Undergoing Direct Access Colonoscopy and Patients Who Were Seen for a GI Pre-Procedure Office Consult.

Veena Nannegari, MD, Jesse Green, MD. A Rare Finding of Dysplasia Associated Mass or Lesion 6 Months After Diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis.

 Archana V. Patel, MD, Jun Yang, MD, PhD, James Cao, MD, PhD, David Jones, MD, David Conti, MD, Catherine Bartholomew, MD, Xinjun Cindy Zhu, MD. Inhibition of mTOR Mediates Alleviation of Intestinal Fibrosis via Suppression of Myofibroblast Proliferation.

Archana V. Patel, MD, Nadia Lupercio, MD, Omar Jilani, MD, Seth Richter, MD, Peter Ells, MD, Jesse Green, MD. Etiology of Upper GI Bleed Among Inpatients Presenting with Hematemesis, Melena, and/or Hemaotochezia.

Mandeep Singh, MD, Fariha Ramay, MD, Vinay Sood, DO. EUS FNA/FNB of Pancreatic Mass Lesions - Single Tertiary Referral Center Experience