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Dana R. Crawford , Ph.D.
Associate Professor


1983 - Ph.D. from Dartmouth

Current Research

Dr. Crawford's laboratory is primarily involved in the modulation of mammalian gene expression by oxidative and nitrosative stress. He has identified a number of novel genes, designated "ADAPTS", and is characterizing their function and possible clinical use in stress-related diseases and disorders. One of these genes, ADAPT78 (RCAN1), has become a major laboratory research focus. Its protein product inhibits calcineurin, an intracellular protein important to calcium signaling. As such, Adapt78 is thought to be important in regulating many calcium-dependent cellular functions such as immune response and brain function. The laboratory is currently assessing the role that Adapt78 plays in calcineurin-related pathologies including immune system dysfunction, Alzheimer's disease, Down syndrome, and brain inflammation. The laboratory is also involved in combining the above projects with Diet and Nutrition as a translational approach to treating these pathologies. These studies use healthy dietary supplements such as plant polyphenols and broccoli sulforaphane as novel alternative approaches to treating pathologies; for example, to achieve immunosuppression (for autoimmune and transplant patients) and to treat Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease (by modulating specific disease-causing genes). This approach is healthy and cost-effective, and improves compliance in patients. Dr. Crawford is also a member of two area inter-institutional organizations: the Capital Region Cancer Research (CRCR) group, for which he chairs the steering committee; and ALZNYCAP, an Alzheimer's Center of Excellence.


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