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Julie G Pilitsis , PhD , MD
Associate Professor


1998 - MD from Albany Medical College
2002 - PhD from Wayne State University

Current Research

 Impulse control disorders (ICD) and dopamine dysregulation syndrome (DDS) in Parkinson Disease; Impact of Deep Brain stimulation (DBS) on ICDs and DDS Other research interests: MRI compatible robotic assistance for stereotactic procedures; Deep brain stimulation for psychiatric disorders Summary: In collaboration with Dr. Damian Shin, my research efforts are investigating mechanisms of impulsivity in PD. Utilizing rodent models and clinical data from patients with Parkinson’s, the lab performs extensive evaluations of mechanisms of impulsive behavior. Our overall research objective is directed at understanding how PD alters impulsivity and predisposes to development of ICDs. We examine the hypodopaminergic state which may predispose to these conditions and evaluate the impact of medical and surgical treatments on impulsive behaviors. We augment behavioral testing with electrophysiological correlates to understand changes in plasticity in regions of the brain involved in reward circuitry. We augment these studies with the use of optogenetics to silence involved regions. 

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