Current Students






Hiba AlsaffarBaghdad, IraqAlbany College of Pharmacy, B.S., 2012Signaling mechanisms that regulate endothelial barrier functionAdam
Mihyun ChoiSeoul, KoreaSeoul Women's University, B.S., 2013Vascular smooth muscle, phenotypic modulation, vascular remodeling, long noncoding RNA'sLong
Anupam DasKolkata, IndiaBangalore University, B.S., 2011Unraveling the cross-talk between endocytic machinery and mitochondria in mammalian cells by employing diffraction-limited and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy techniquesBarroso
Joshua GarrettVestal, NYAlbany College of Pharmacy, B.S., 2010Role of the adherens junction in regulating endothelial barrier functionVincent
Ping GaoTianjin, ChinaShanghai Jiao Tong University To be determinedLong
Brennan GerlachFishkill, NYState University of New York - Cortland, B.S., 2013Asthma research, smooth muscle migration TIRF microscopy, actin cytoskeletal reorganizationTang
Sarah LoganWestfield, MAUnion College, B.S., 2013 Adherens junctions, endothelial cellsVincent
Yao Wei LuGuangzhou, ChinaHardin-Simmons University, B.S., 2010Investigating the role of MEF2 transcription factors in the endotheliumSchwarz
Kate TubbesingTowson, MDState University of New York - Oneonta, B.S., 2008Regulation of endocytic pathways and the trafficking of receptorsBarroso
Fatima SaddoukBouznika, MoroccoAl Akhawayn University, Ifran, Morocco, M.S, 2010CaMKII function and regulation in vascular smooth muscle cellsSinger
Tengyao SongTi An, Shaanxi ProvinceSouthern Medical UniversityTRPC channel activated NfkB to mediate asthma viaWang