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Accredited by the American College of Radiology  

American College of Radiology Accredited


What qualifications does your staff of professionals have?
Our Board Certified Radiologists, American Registry of Radiologic staff is comprised technologists and American Society of Radiologic technologists. In addition to certification in imaging, our staff has advanced training in various medical subspecialties.
Is your screening and diagnostic equipment regulated by anyone? 
Our Screening and diagnostic equipment meets top national standards including guidelines set by the Food and Drug Administration and American College of Radiology. In addition, we are fully compliant with the Mammography Quality Standards Act. 

What is a mammogram?
A mammogram is a specialized x-ray of a breast, often done as a screening procedure. However, mammograms may also be done to diagnose more complicated problems. Mammograms are most effective when done in conjunction with self-breast examinations. Mammograms take about 15 minutes to perform. If you have had a prior mammogram(s) at another facility it is very important to have the old films brought to our office for comparison purposes. In addition, it is best to refrain from caffeine 5-days prior to your mammogram. Caffeine can make the exam more uncomfortable.
What is the difference between digital and conventional mammograms?
Conventional mammography requires x-ray film and phosphorescent intensifying screens (light) to make a diagnosis. Digital mammography is an electronic transfer of data. Albany Med utilizes the most recent Digital Mammography - Second Generation. This does not require light, but a direct transfer of information, which makes the images clearer. In particular, the area around the skin tissue within the breast, allowing the radiologist to visualize very dense breasts tissue.
Why do they have to compress a breast for mammography? 
Breast tissue is asymmetrical. The tissue looks like strands of cotton on a mammogram. In order to see "through" this tissue and to aid in separating the tissue on the monitor, compression is performed. The pressure exerted by the mammography unit is monitored and the compression is only for a moment. Albany Med's South Campus Breast Center utilizes a "Soft Pad." A cushion to make the exam more comfortable. It's a single use pad and every mammogram is performed with the use of this pad.
Why was I called back for additional images/views? 
Occasionally, breast tissue changes as women progress through their menstrual cycle or even as we get older. Patients are called back when there is a change noticed in the tissue. Very often, this change can be normal. Patients can expect to have a repeated view, special magnification view or an ultrasound.
What is the difference between mammography and breast ultrasound? 
Mammography (conventional and digital) uses x-rays to produce an image. Ultrasound uses sound waves and is best used to determine composition. For example, ultrasound may be used to confirm the presence of a cyst, which is a fluid filled sack.
When will I get the results of my mammogram?
Your mammogram results will be mailed to you home address within one week of your mammogram. In addition, the results are sent to your physician's office within that time frame.
What is DEXA or Bone Densitometry?
DEXA or bone densitometry is a test, which determines if a patient has osteoporosis (thin, weak bones) or osteopenia (early stages of osteoporosis). The test takes 5 minutes and patients are required to lie down on a cushioned table while an x-ray is taken. The results are printed right away and forward to your doctor. If you have one annually, our computer system will graph your progress.

What is a CAT SCAN (CT)?
A Cat Scan, CT, is shaped like a doughnut. A CT takes less time then a MRI and obtains information through x-rays. The obtained images are "slices" of a patient's anatomy. The procedure is pain free and takes about 15 minutes to do. Patients may be asked to drink barium for this test.
What is R2 Checker?
R2 is a trade name for the computer aided detection system we use that "reads" the mammograms. Your mammogram will be read twice - once by a board certified radiologist and by the R2 Checker. 

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