Technology and Facilities

Our clinic consists of 10 treatment areas, including 6 private rooms, a large gym area and an aquatic treatment area with an underwater treadmill along with a mechanical traction room, and balance/proprioception room.

We have a large selection of hot pack/cold pack, ultrasound and electrical stimulation machines to address your pain. In addition we are one of the first clinics in the capital district to have Light Therapy. The Solaris Series Laser Probe has been proven effective in treating carpal tunnel and other diagnoses.

We also have the following equipment:

  • Balance Engineering. This cutting edge piece of technology allows us to take accurate and meaningful measurements of balance. We can use this information to achieve superior outcomes for patients with balance problems or concussions.
  • BTE PRIMUS RS. This amazing piece of machinery allows us to simulate hundreds of different activities in a safe controlled environment in order to restore function. In addition the BTE is able to track strength levels and progress in order to motivate and encourage our patients.
  • The Bioness L300 system. This is available for assessment and treatment of patients with difficulty walking due to ankle weakness. This advanced technology can help some patients replace their older plastic and metal ankle braces for a more sophisticated and cosmetically pleasing device. Please check with your insurance provider to see if you are eligible for this device as coverage can vary depending on your insurance.
  • Laborie Urostym Biofeedback. A pelvic floor rehabilitation system used in the treatment of urge, stress, and fecal incontinence, constipation, and pelvic pain.

While technology may be advancing in the field of physical therapy our therapists have a solid knowledge of manual therapy techniques as well. At the time of your evaluation each therapist will make a clinical decision on which type of treatment will best meet your needs.