Frequently Asked Questions

What is outpatient physical therapy?
Physical therapy addresses many different physical problems. At the time of your initial evaluation, a physical therapist will determine your needs and develop a treatment plan. Exercises often are provided to improve range of motion, mobility, coordination, balance, and strength. Many physical exercises can be used in conjunction with therapeutic programs including heat, cold, electrical stimulation, whirlpool and traction. Our goal is to return the individual to the highest level of function possible.
Do I need a prescription for physical therapy?
We recommend it and request a referral and prescription from your healthcare provider but the law allows us to treat you if:

1. the licensed physical therapist has practiced physical therapy on a full time basis for three or more years.
2. the licensed physical therapist provides written notice to each patient receiving treatment absent a referral from a physician, dentist, podiatrist, nurse practitioner or licensed midwife that physical therapy may not be covered by the patient's health care plan or insurer without such a referral. The physical therapist shall keep on file with the patient's records a form attesting to the patient's notice of such advice. Such form shall be in duplicate, with one copy to be retained by the patient, signed and dated by both the physical therapist and the patient.
Whom should my referral be made out to?
Albany Medical Center Hospital Outpatient Physical Therapy. The hospital bills under the hospital provider number and therefore requires the hospital provider number to be on the referral.
What insurances do you accept?
We accept most major insurances including Workers Comp, No Fault and Medicaid. If you are unsure call us at (518) 262-9700 and we will let you know if your insurance is accepted.
Will the physical therapist or the physical therapy assistant communicate with my referring doctor?
Yes. When you return to your physician for a follow-up visit, your therapist will send a progress note with you. It is important that you let the therapist know when you are returning to see the doctor. If you do not have a follow-up appointment, the therapist will send a note when you are finished with physical therapy.
How do I schedule an appointment?
Therapy services are available Monday through Friday. Both early and late appointments are available to accommodate people who are working. Appointments are necessary. To schedule an appointment or for more information please call:
(518) 262-9700 or fax: (518) 262-9720.   
Do I need to attend every scheduled session?
Yes. Regular attendance is important in order to get better through physical therapy. If you can not come to your appointments, you might not get better.  Due to this, if you miss three or more appointments, you might be discharged from your therapy program. In order to return to therapy you would need a new physician prescription.
If you miss a scheduled appointment, we ask your cooperation in notifying us a minimum of 24 hours prior to your visit, to assist in the rescheduling process.
Where can I comment on my physical therapy experience?
Patient-satisfactions surveys are available at the time of your visit. You may also click on this link to fill out a survey at home and mail it to us. 
What happens if I am late for an appointment?
At Albany Med we are committed to giving the best possible individual care. For this to happen, it is important to keep your scheduled time. If you arrive late for an appointment  you may need to reschedule or be seen by another therapist.