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Meet Christopher
One day, he was playing basketball, the next day, 10-year-old Christopher Titolo was being rushed to Albany Med for emergency surgery to remove a brain tumor. Today, he is back to just being a kid.
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Meet Morgan
Growing up, Morgan Shaginaw and her family lived in fear-never knowing when her next seizure might occur. Since having surgery at Albany Med to treat her epilepsy, she's seizure-free.
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Meet Bob
When musician Bob Girouard received a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, his drumming career was halted. Using advanced deep brain stimulation technology, neurologists and neurosurgeons at Albany Med were able to control Bob's symptoms-giving him his beat back.
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Meet Dan
Because it was unknown what time his stroke occurred, Dan Nugent was an ideal candidate for the latest device to treat stroke patients, available locally only at Albany Med.
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Meet Mark
A serious stroke didn't stop Mark Sullivan from completing his term as president of a local college-thanks to the rapid care he received at Albany Med.
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Meet Leonard
A car accident left Leonard Laub with fractured vertebrae and threatened his spinal cord, but thanks to minimally invasive surgical techniques used at Albany Med, he was home the next day.
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Meet Robert
When Robert McNiven began having difficulty staying organized and came home exhausted each night, his family suspected a thyroid issue or depression. He was diagnosed with a brain  tumor, and fortunately the skill required to remove it  was nearby at Albany Med-keeping him close to his family.
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Meet Mary
When physicians diagnosed her mother, Carmela, with a terminal neurodegeneration of the brain, Mary was devastated. While there is no cure for the disease, Mary and her family were grateful to have access to the staff and resources at Albany Med to help them through the difficult diagnosis.
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Meet Kevin
For two years, medications controlled Kevin Volk's seizures caused by epilepsy, but didn't stop them. Surgeons at Albany Med, using  complex brain mapping techniques, were able to find and remove the part of Kevin's brain that caused his seizures.
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Meet Josh
After enduring years of daily debilitating seizures, the Mahler family of New Jersey found the answer for Josh in Albany. Following cutting-edge surgery at Albany Medical Center, the teenager is seizure-free.
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