Additional Services for MS Patients

Multiple sclerosis is a challenging disease for both patients and their families. It can be difficult for families to identify available resources to assist with the care of their loved one. In order to help families cope with the challenges of multiple sclerosis, providers across the Neurosciences Institute work together to provide social work services and cognitive testing.

Social Work
Social work services help patients and families cope throughout the progression of the disease. Services range from identifying community resources and adult day programs, to handling legal affairs, such as designating power of attorney.

Cognitive Testing
The Neurosciences Institute at Albany Med offers cognitive testing to help measure the progression of multiple sclerosis. Patients can often suffer from cognitive dysfunction in addition to physical limitations, though the two are unrelated. Cognitive symptoms can occur at any time but are more common to develop later on. Some of the cognitive functions that can be affected include:

  • Memory (acquiring, retaining and retrieving new information)
  • Attention and concentration (divided attention)
  • Information processing 
  • Cognition related to the five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing
  • Planning and prioritizing
  • Visual perception
  • Verbal fluency

Please speak with your multiple sclerosis provider for more information about social work and cognitive testing services.