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Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease Assistance Center (ADAC)

The New York State Department of Health has designated the Alzheimer’s Center of Albany Med as the Capital Region’s Alzheimer’s Disease and Assistance Center (ADAC). This means that we serve as a regional resource center, or “Center for Excellence,” for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, care and resources.

The Alzheimer’s Center at Albany Med offers the highest standards in quality care, including diagnostic and assessment services for patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s, patient management and care, as well as training and continuing education for medical professionals.

Approximately 350,000 New Yorkers have Alzheimer’s disease. The number is expected to rise significantly as the population ages. The Alzheimer’s Center at Albany Med is dedicated  to educating the public and health care communities about the availability of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia services, and the importance of early memory evaluations.

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