Why Albany Med

Our Team Approach

Over 400 physicians in our practice, from virtually every specialty, notify a patient’s primary care physician if high blood pressure is found during their visit regardless of the reason the patient was seen at Albany Med.

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Albany Med recognizes the importance of identifying and treating hypertension, and offers a coordinated team approach that links physicians across the practice and primary care doctors. Albany Med is the best place for treatment of conditions stemming from hypertension, from the simple to the complex:

  • Superb care close to home. Albany Med’s specialists provide virtually every test and procedure available.
  • Preventative and minimally invasive procedures are standard care. Albany Med provides a broad range of services and minimally invasive procedures that help reduce impact on patients and speed recovery time.
  • Collaboration across specialties. Albany Med physicians represent the largest range of specialists in the region for heart care as well as every other condition, and routinely work across disciplines as a team to ensure the best options for patients.