Our experts use the most cutting edge technology to treat patients and monitor conditions. We use the following technologies to accurately make critical decisions about the best care options for our patients:

Bod Pod

The Bod Pod is an egg shaped machine that uses air pressure to determine body mass index (BMI). Patients receive a BMI full body diagnostic test which measures body fat and lean muscle. The Bod Pod is used primarily for diabetic patients who are trying to lose weight to get their diabetes under control. For more information about the Bod Pod, please view links below:


The Dexa Scanner is used for bone loss detection and in monitoring the progress of bone strengthening therapies. Bone density can be determined for patients who are suspected to have bone loss or osteoporosis. Fluctuations in hormonal balance can warrant such effects on the bones. In the field of Endocrinology, hormonal balance can be effected by many disorders involving the body's endocrine system such as diabetes, disorders of the thyroid, adrenal glands, pituitary gland and both male and female reproductive glands. There are many medications available to help counteract hormonal imbalances and stabilize or increase the bone mineral density within the body.

Ultrasound Machine

The ultrasound machine used to see nodules on the thyroid and to determine whether or not a patient has hypo or hyper thyroid. The ultrasound machine can do a biopsy of the thyroid if there are any nodules to make sure they aren't cancerous.

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

For patients with diabetes, obesity is a major concern. The EKG can monitor potential heart problems, and can be used to diagnose the need for a patient to see a cardiologist.