Visiting the PICU

You may visit your child 24-hours/day. We welcome your input, suggestions and help with your child's care.  Please review the following guidelines for visiting the PICU:

  • When visiting for the first time, an ID band will be provided that should be worn for all visits. Please enter the PICU via the nursing station and identify yourself to staff.
  • You must accompany all visitors to your child's bedside. If you cannot accompany a visitor, access will have to be denied.
  • Visitors other than parents/guardians are welcome from 12:00 noon - 9:00 p.m. Please limit the number of visitors to two people.
  • Siblings are welcome in the PICU. Visits for children under 14-years should be limited to 30-minutes twice a day. Additional visits need approval from the nurse in charge. Siblings are not allowed to stay overnight in any area of the hospital.
  • To protect patient confidentiality, the staff is unable to answer questions or give out information about other patients.
  • A refrigerator is available in the unit for food items brought from home. Please label all items with the patient's name, date and time. After 24-hours, all food will be discarded.
  • Eating and drinking should occur away from your child's bedside, preferably in the Ronald McDonald Family Room or in Choices Cafe.
  • Cell phones must be turned off before entering the PICU.
  • All desk areas are reserved for staff use only.
  • We may ask that you step out of the room during certain procedures.
  • We have a small, closely knit unit and ask staff and parents/guardians alike to respect and protect the privacy of each family. Please do not visit other children's bedside or wander around the unit.
  • Curtains and doors must remain open to ensure adequate monitoring and visibility of all patients.